Real GTA video by YouTube group Corridor Digital

GTA 5 Real Life

Have you seen this video?! The guys from Corridor Digital have done it again. They have created a live action video based off the ever popular GTA V (for those of you living under a rock for the past decade and a half: Grand Theft Auto Five) and it’s pretty bitchin’ – from the walk to the camera angles, even how the victims flail to the ground is reminiscent of the video game played by millions.

Real GTA 5It starts with your everyday classy guy – complete with heavy chain and a wife beater – sauntering through the streets of Vespucci Beach (think Venice Beach IRL), beating up a guy to take his bike. He then drives through the streets/bike paths/beach and meet with an equally class act where he “takes him out.” After accosting the other guy, he takes a selfie (Really?!)GTA 5 Selfie

But first – Let’s Take a Selfie

Post Selfie. Do a bike flip. Seems legit. Click the video link above for the rest of the IRL GTA 5.

Real GTA 5, Bike flip

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