Amanda Profile PicWhat’s up, y’all?! I’m Amanda and I’ll be your new host here at the 4WheelOnline blog!
Mind if I give you some of my background? I grew up with my dad as a mechanic, but had to beg to learn how to work on cars. My chance came with my first car of my own, and man was that a great learning experience! Ha!
So, years down the road, I was about 24 and decided I wanted to go to NASCAR Technical Institute. I knew a bunch about what I was doing, so some classes were easier than others. But, my ultimate goal, sadly never reached due to an injury, was to be on a pit crew. I worked at a motorcycle shop as parts and apparel for a while where I met my opportunity that knocked.
Hello, Windward Racing Enterprise! I got my shot helping with building, testing, and finishing a NASCAR Camping World Series truck. All while I was still in school. Then the team shut down and I got a job with Champion Tire and Wheel – these are the guys who haul all pit boxes, tires, and wheels for almost every NASCAR team. I got to work select races, humping tires and such. I loved life at the races! I’m telling you, if they could bottle 100 octane, I’d wear that all day long! We’d get back from race weekends and unload all the tires and dismount them – that was my actual job, dismount tech. I also got to rating wheels and wheel inventory for the teams.
I wound up with an injury to my right foot, preventing me from doing what I loved, so I moved back home, devastated. Then it hit me: I did most of what I set out to do, who else can say that as a female in the racing world? (No, don’t say Danica).
Fast forward a few more years…well, you get the point. It also helps that I enjoy writing 😉

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