Is the Government Quietly Banning the V8?

If I ask you to think of your favorite American V8 what do you think of? A hemi? A flathead ford? Maybe a Chevy small block?

Now think of your favorite American V6. Not nearly as many options right?

It’s no secret that V8s are ubiquitous with American power. I mean, a 7 Liter V8 is how we won the LeMans and it’s how the Big 3 have been one upping each other’s horsepower ever since.

We’re at 707 horsepower by the way for those who lost count.

The V6 has always been the V8s little sister here in America. The practical option. The one that advertises MPGs not 0-60 times. And hey, it’s always been good to give people a few engine options to choose from.

But why are companies like Ford now making V6s the only option in vehicles like the new Raptor and GT?

Well, check out what Ken has to say about it in our latest News Refresh. Also, if you’ve missed any of our previous episodes, make sure you catch up on our Youtube channel and subscribe for future episodes!!

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