Train Crashes Into Semi trailer Truck And Flips It Over

Disclaimer: WE HAVE NO IDEA WHY THIS HAPPENS SO OFTEN. But somehow, it does. In the clip above, you can witness another absurd example of a train and vehicle colliding.

This time, it’s a semi-truck that finds its way out on to the tracks, leading us to wonder a few things… 1. Where in the hell are the boom gates… 2. Where in the hell are the railroad cross signs… 3. What in the hell was the driver of that truck thinking. I mean is a two to three minute wait worth risking your life for??? Come on, man!

Believe it or not, according to the Federal Railroad Administration, there were 2,280 collisions last year involving trains and automobiles, which led to 267 deaths and 832 injuries. What in the world is happening!! Even more distressing is the fact that that was the highest numbers since 2008. Yes, things have actually been getting worse!!

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