Video: Truck Flips During Deadly Illinois Tornadoes

A series of dangerous tornadoes ripped through parts of the Midwest on Thursday. While Iowa and Ohio were among the states impacted, the worst of this alarming storm system was saved for Illinois. In fact, it has been reported that one person has died while eight others have been injured inside of the Prairie State.

tor2Of course, no place received a bigger brunt of the abuse than Fairdale, Illinois. Throughout the small town, houses were flattened and others were lifted from their foundations, leaving families completely destitute.

Countless videos and images of the storm have already emerged. Those, however, do not capture the full scope of the storm as many that witnessed it firsthand were completely shocked by the unmerciful power of the storm.

“I’ve never seen anything like it in my life,” said Kirkland Community Fire District Chief Chad Connell after witnessing the tornado move toward Fairdale.

Raymond Kramer, 81, was trapped inside of a local restaurant during and after the storm before eventually being rescued; he describes the event, saying, “No sooner did we get down there, when it hit the building and laid a whole metal wall on top of the doors where we went into the storm cellar. When the tornado hit, we all got a dust bath. Everyone in there got shattered with dust and debris falling out of the rafters.”

Today, as daylight shines through, the full scope of the storm will become even more evident, and for those that live in Fairdale, life will certainly be tough during the months ahead. Send your prayers.

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