Jeep Club Rescues 18-Wheelers and Other Stranded Drivers on I-20

Yesterday, a number of drivers became stranded because they were not able to handle the icy and treacherous terrain on Dallas’ eastbound I-20. This ended up leading to a MASSIVE highway clog as traffic was deadened to a stand still.

Fortunately for everybody there, the local Chisholm Trail Jeep Club was on the scene.

jeepAccording to reports and amazing video footage, the Jeep owners belonging to the club began towing everything from compact cars to 18-wheelers.

The Associated Press reports, “Several men and women, all Jeep owners, out of the kindness of their hearts have been helping drivers and truckers who are stalled or stuck. With winches, straps, four wheel drive and the right tires, they are getting the job done — and they are doing it all for free. They say it’s fun to help stranded motorists.”

Even after helping clear the highway, club members said that they planned on staying through the night to help more drivers and make sure traffic is running smoothly.

In an interview with WFAA, Jason Gardner of Arlington said, “The highway was shut down. There’s no wreckers here to help out. We got a bunch of guys together and we freed the highway. That’s a pretty good accomplishment.”

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