Boston Driver Crashes Truck From Upper Deck to Highway Below

On Sunday, a Boston driver survived a monster-sized crash that saw his 2006 Toyota Tacoma launch from the upper deck of Massachusetts Interstate 93 to the lower deck of the highway below.

According to reports, driver Vannak Sao, 33, of East Boston was charged with driving under the influence and had to be extricated from his truck by Boston firefighters. From there, he taken to the Massachusetts General Hospital to be treated for non life threatening injuries.

In the sweeping, violent collision, Sao crashed through a light pole, an exit sign, and a fence while flying from the upper deck down below.

“I know the truck is totaled, but I’m glad he’s still alive,” Vanny Sao, the driver’s father said in an interview with WBZ. “He said he probably fall asleep or something and hit the snowbank or slip and slide. I’m not sure yet.”


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