Indian Motorcyclists Perform INSANE Stunts

Late in January, President Obama was invited to India to help celebrate the country’s annual Republic Day– a day aimed at celebrating the momentous event of the signing of the Indian constitution way back in 1950.

Typically, I’d blow off this event, knowing that the people of India have no idea how to party, anyway. I mean, I’d take a nice fat American keg, a couple pounds of barely cooked Grade-A beef, and a smorgasbord of firecrackers up a bull frog’s ass any day of the week. Because that, my friends, is what America is all about!

But to the surprise of my ignorant Budweiser sopped mind, India actually did show off some serious partying chops…

In an impressive display of motorcycle prowess, an onslaught of raging Indians from the Border Security Force of India broke out a series of stunts that would have had Evel Knievel crapping in his pants. That’s right; CRAPPING IN HIS PANTS.

It’s a must see for anybody interested in bikes, culture, or partying like Rob Gronkowski. Check it out for yourself.

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