Stolen ’67 Mustang Returned After Nearly 30 Years

greenWay, way back in 1984, a 17 year old Lynda Alsip worked part-time jobs and  saved up $800 to buy her first car, a forest-green 1967 Ford Mustang, which was built the same year she was born.

Each day, driving it to school, Alsip’s ride gleamed in the high school parking lot. Having an affinity for old muscle cars, it was her prized possession; that is… until it was stolen from the driveway of her house.

On Monday, after 28 years of separation, Lynda was reunited with her prized ’67 Ford Mustang.

“It’s like winning the lottery,” Alsip told KSBW-TV. “It’s absolutely amazing. After 28 years, I never thought this would come back into my life.”

According to the California Highway Patrol, they located the ride just 30 miles from Lynda’s home after a man who had bought the vehicle back in 1991 attempted to register it, which raised red flags within the system. How exactly the car came into his possession is still a mystery, said officer James Rio.

“It’s astonishing that it has stayed here,” Lynda said. “For so many years and not so far away. I wonder how many times I might have driven past the house or been in the area?”

Linda said that when she saw the officer approaching her house, she immediately wondered if something had happened to her children. But after being asked if she had ever had a car stolen, she broke down and quickly remembered her prized green Mustang.

“I’m sure I’m probably going to cry a bit in my first drive in it. But it’s going to be exhilarating,” Lynda said. “And I pray to God I don’t get a ticket in it my first drive in it because I’m probably going to want to go just a little fast.”

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