Drunk, Near Naked Woman Arrested After Wrong Way Driving

Earlier this month, Breyana Gallagher, 22, was arrested after being spotted driving the wrong way on a Washington highway. Attempting to pull her over, officers were soon forced into a high speed chase until they eventually used the PIT maneuver to stop Gallagher’s silver Honda Civic.

After unsuccessfully commanding her to get out of the vehicle, officers were forced to smash in her driver’s side window in order to open the car door. Officers then realized that Gallagher was near naked, wearing no panties and only a bra.


I’m sure some guys out there are all over this (#freakalert), but others might be wondering: where’s the couth? (that’s probably one stinky front seat!)

Sergeant Tom Thompson seems to be more on the refined side, saying, “It’s not every day you find someone naked driving down the street – especially in the condition she was in. A female corrections officer even tried to help her to get into a jail outfit. She didn’t want to have any of that.”

naked2According to reports, Gallagher had never been arrested before, and while in court, she even had her grandfather vouch for her, pleading to the judge, “She’s a good girl.”

A good girl? C’mon grandpa; she was pulled over drunk and naked, going the wrong way down the highway about to kill somebody! A little research further confirms that grandpa’s little girl actually has a bit of a naughty streak, as a string of racy pictures pops up (see right).

Currently, she has put in a not guilty plea, but hopefully, the judge doesn’t buy it and give her one of those Paris Hilton jail sentences. Judging by Sgt. Thompson’s comments, though, I’m hopeful that justice will be served…

“This is certainly a pretty extreme case,” says Thompson. “She’s driving the wrong way on a highway that’s a 55 mile-an-hour zone, and so there’s really some potential for someone to get seriously hurt there. She created a danger to herself and to others around her.”


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