New Skully AR-1 Smart Helmet Is Revolutionary

skullyYesterday, the Skully AR-1 Smart motorcycle helmet went up on the fund raising juggernaut, Indie-GoGo, in hopes of raising $250,000 for mass production. Just one day later, the new advanced technology is closing in on $1 million.

This is not surprising, though. Over the past few months and years, there has been a lot of hype surrounding the project. Just check out what some of the industry’s biggest names have been saying about the product:

  • “The most anticipated motorcycle helmet ever produced” – Road & Track
  • “The beginning of a motorcycle tech revolution” – Popular Mechanics
  • “THE helmet for the digital age” – Popular Science

But why all of the hype?

Well, the helmet is designed to enhance the experience of riding a motorcycle. It does this through a number of tools, starting with a small 180-degree camera that is mounted to the central spine of the helmet. Coupled with the appropriate hardware and a battery that lasts for 9 hours, the helmet then provides the rider with a heads-up display (HUD) located on the right side of the rider’s field of vision.

On the display, riders can see the traffic around them, as well as other navigation visuals. Along with these tools, the helmet is also capable of hooking up to Bluetooth and steaming music to the rider.

All of this will be easy to use and is not aimed at overloading the rider.

Skully founder and CEO Marcus Weller says, “Riders want vertically integrated tech, and they want something that feels seamless and helps them enjoy what they’re doing more.”

skully3“We want to honor the motorcycle experience. We don’t try to pull you out of the moment and show too much data in the heads up display. We want to effectively enhance the moment.”

It was only about 3 years ago that this project was in the developmental phase, but it has quickly skyrocketed up the most-anticipated lists. It especially grabbed headlines when it won the SXSW Accelerator Award in the wearable technology category last March.

Now, the project is preparing for a May 2015 release date with early ordering available today for a discounted price of $1400.

Weller says, “”What you’ll see in the future is a digital force field around the rider. Our hope for the future is that this helmet will become the instigator or the catalyst to really revolutionize the industry.”


2 thoughts on “New Skully AR-1 Smart Helmet Is Revolutionary

  1. My major concern is you calling any monies that are paid up front…a donation…and then I receive a “perk”. It sounds like you evading liability if you can’t perform in a year. There would be no recourse for the “donor” if everything feel through and believe me there is enough risk as it is just having to wait a year before receiving anything…then of course there are inevitable delays…

    As an entrepreneur for years- I get what your trying to do- but if your goal is to really make motorcycling safe and “get more helmets on the road”- then stand up and take responsibility for a sale, call the upfront money a deposit (with the balance due at shipping), and quit calling it a donation…


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