Lamborghini Sells the One Thing that Everybody Wants

Image courtesy of vimeo

Image courtesy of Vimeo

In today’s world, 60 Minutes is the most influential news program on television. It’s been consistently at the top of the ratings board for 45 years and has influenced the world in countless ways. New York Times writer David Carr says, “For more than four decades, [60 Minutes] has exposed C.I.A. abuses, rogue military contractors and hundreds of corporate villains.” Being featured on 60 Minutes could be the worst thing in the world, or for a company like Lamborghini, it could be the greatest gift.

Last year, Lamborghini celebrated its 50th anniversary, and 60 Minutes took the time to chronicle their story and appeal. In fact, it was the second time that 60 Minutes has reported on the Italian company (the first time was in 1987). As part of the report, 60 Minutes discussed how exactly Lamborghini has lasted for so long.

Scott Pelley says, “It has only two seats, no trunk to speak of, and gets 14 miles to the gallon. You might think a company like that wouldn’t last.” Adding to all of these negative features is the fact that Lamborghini’s sell upwards of $300,000 dollars (I think my bank account just rolled over and died). Based on all of these deficiencies, one would naturally wonder: who in their right mind would buy one?

But, Lamborghini doesn’t care about improving fuel efficiency or providing extra space or even lowering their price because they sell something that nobody else sells, something that is more valuable than gold. Pelley says, “It’s not a car company; it’s a builder of fantasies.” And fantasies are what people want to buy more than anything else. That’s why fantasy worlds like Disney and Universal Studios are so lucrative while still charging so much money. There is no hotter commodity than a fantasy.

Only women are allowed to work on the interior of a Lamborghini

Only women are allowed to work on the interior of a Lamborghini

Throughout the years, there hasn’t been an automaker that has come close to rivaling the Lamborghini image, either. That’s because Lamborghini has the guts to be all in on their ideas and approach. They don’t care about gas mileage and interior space; they care about speed and excitement. Just checkout last year’s Lambo Aventador. The Aventador clocks in at 217 miles per hour and has a zero to sixty that clocks in at less than 3 seconds!

Conceptually, Lamborghini flaunted their approach on 60 Minutes by proudly boasting that men exclusively work on the body, while women exclusively work on the interior. They want the strength of a man, and the elegance of a woman. In other words, they are bringing the customer the best of both worlds.

Obviously, it’s worked, too. Today, countless CEOs and celebrities like David Beckham, Janet Jackson, Kanye West, and Justin Bieber use the Lamborghini as a symbol of their wealth and power, as a symbol of them attaining the dreams of this world. And 60 Minutes– the show that only discusses the most important news and people in the world- only added to the dream with their report.

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