Brazil: Bus Gets Swallowed Up by Collapsed Road and Floats Down River

In northern Brazil, a group of passengers narrowly escaped before their bus was sucked down into a collapsing river. After collapsing, the bus was then fired down stream as the passengers watched in awe.

Living in Florida, this sight is not at all uncommon. Over the past few years, I’ve seen people get sucked into sinkholes during the middle of the night as they are peacefully asleep in bed. I’ve even seen entire homes disappear under the circumstances.

However, every time that a new video emerges, it never seems to get any less frightening. I guess it’s the random-nature of the event and the unknown circumstances that surround it. Either way, let’s all pray that something like this never happens to any one that we know or love.

bus bus2 bus3 bus4


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