White Trash Junker Or Bad Ass Upgrade??

Could this ride exist anywhere outside of Florida? Currently on sale on eBay for a whopping $75,000, this Rolls Royce Silver Shadow has been modified into a flat bed truck.

As part of his sales pitch, the owner says, “This classic was custom built on a custom 1 ton dually extended cap GM frame with a New 350 Chevy crate engine (has approximately 20,000 miles) and a fully rebuilt 400 transmission with overdrive and ALL New GM braking system to insure reliability and safety. Has aftermarket heat and air. Truck has a New Paint and headliner All door wood was redone, This truck is ready for work with its new tires, two 30 gallon tanks, and gooseneck and reese hitch hook ups,. Please review photos for full description. May possibly take a partial trade.”

rolls2In case you were wondering, the original Silver Shadow debuted wayyyy back in 1965 and was produced for 15 years. Actually, over its time, the Silver Shadow was the most produced vehicle in all of Rolls Royce’s history.

I would go into some of the (at the time) innovative details of the car, but the one being sold here has been highly modified– even to the point of featuring a new 350 Chevy crate engine and a fully rebuilt 400 transmission.

In the end, the changes may provide a little bit more giddy up, but the price is obnoxious. I mean, don’t try and charge classic Rolls Royce prices when it’s not even close to the original vehicle. What do you think, though? Would you dish out the money for it?


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