Tom Brady Says He Is Giving MVP Chevy Colorado Truck to Malcolm Butler

Like an off-kilter pendulum, the last few minutes of Sunday night’s Super Bowl swung haphazardly from a sure-fire Seahawks win to a Patriots comeback to, oh wait, the Seahawks are going to win this mofo to oh-my-God-what-the-hell-did-I-just watch! The Patriots are champs! Why in the hell did Pete Carroll not hand that freaking rock off to Marshawn Lynch on the damn 1 yard line!!

Ahem. Excuse me. That game was a little bit emotional.

brady2Anyway, the Super Bowl– for the fourth time in the last 14 years– went to Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. And for the third time during that span, the almighty Brady walked away with the game MVP trophy.

But wait! That isn’t all he walked away with; Brady was also given the keys to a brand new Chevy Colorado aka the Motor Trend Truck of the Year. Whoopity Doo! I mean, I love the truck and all but did anyone actually think Brady– a man that dates a super model and has earned about $150 million in football money alone– was actually going to drive this around over his Audi R8 or his Rolls Royce Ghost.

No way! So, how about giving it to someone that might actually appreciate the thing!

In a gesture of goodwill and a savvy swipe for good publicity, Brady decided to do just that, as today he announced that he will be giving the Colorado to his teammate Malcolm Butler– the man behind the most amazing interception in NFL history.

As far as the gift and his new favorite teammate goes, Brady said that Butler has more than earned the truck, adding that he was in no way surprised by the game-saving play.

“He’s been doing it to me in practice all season so it was nice to see him pick someone else off,” Brady joked.

“Malcolm made a huge play to save our season,” he added. “It was the perfect play at the perfect time. None of us will ever forget that play.”

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