Check Out This Wild SEMA Drag Race

Last month, SEMA rattled the auto world by showcasing some of the world’s most pimped out rides. But typically, by this time of the year, we’ve seen pretty much everything that the show had to offer.

Think again, though.

Today, the Motor Trend Channel on Youtube released a wildly epic drag race that featured some of the show’s raddest rides.  How did they get these rides to submit?

chpWell, Motor Trend writer Karla Sanchez says, “After five days of bribing, scheming, and arm-twisting at the 2014 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, just a couple of the hosts from our Motor Trend YouTube channel were able to walk away with a car from the showfloor for a drag race in the desert.”

Featured in the race are four different epic rides, which include:

  • A 1955 Chevrolet with a 535-cubic-inch 8.8-liter Hemi V8. With skinny tires up front and fat wads of rubber in the back, this ferocious beast with a stripped interior has been nicknamed the Blasphemi. Final take: No matter how this beats performs, it’s already won the award as the most bad ass car lined up.
  • A stock Dodge Challenger Hellcat that roars out 707 horsepower. Final take: this is a modern muscle car drag racers dream. Did you know that there are only six cars on the market today with more horsepower? And those are all super cars!!
  • A Chevy Sonic RS that features a few body modifications, as well as a downpipe and intake.Final take: this thing stands no chance. In fact, can somebody edit this drag racing eye sore out of the video.
  • A custom 1958 Jeep Forward Control with a 5.7-liter Hemi V8 and treads instead of wheels. Truthfully, I had my eye on this monster all week at SEMA, wondering what kind of performance could be wrangled from it. Final take: Fire it up already and show me what’s working!!

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