Caught on Tape: Truck Driver Pulls Over Cop for Reckless Driving

As he was passing through Illinois, truck driver Brian Miner began honking his horn in an attempt to pull over a police officer after seeing him speed while he was talking on his cell phone. And guess what?? It actually worked; the police officer pulled over!

Initially, when confronted, the officer claims that police are privy to special use of technology while driving. Of course, no law like that exists. After the confrontation, the officer also tries to flip the script, claiming that he is going to issue Miner a citation for “unlawful use of his horn.”

However, as soon as Miner indicates that the entire exchange is being recorded, the officer immediately changes his tune. The officer walks away with the Miner’s information, and when he returns, he’s calm and collected and peaceful as ever.

“I didn’t write you a ticket. I didn’t want to hurt your record… I understand you were using the horn. You saw me speeding. I honestly wasn’t paying attention to my speed. I was on my way to headquarters.”

Obviously, this is a pretty funny video that will serve as entertainment for us all. But it is also more than that. It’s an example of how we can protect ourselves from police officers just by taking our phone out and recording exactly what is going on during all police/civilian interactions.

“And that’s what happens when they know you’re recording,” Miner says at the end of the video after the officer has walked away with his tail between his legs.

Obviously, with possible fines and court appearances linked to traffic stops, there is no reason not to use this powerful tool.



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