NASCAR Rookie of the Year Austin Dyne Joins KMC


The American sports world is a place where athletes showcase the very best athletic prowess that our country has to offer. The sports world is also a place where manufacturers and name brands get to show off how great their products are. When athletes and companies team up, an explosion of riches can occur, capable of drawing everyone’s attention.

The best example of a great partnership is the one between Michael Jordan and Nike. Both sides built up billion dollar empires, and the American public was provided with the highest quality sneaker and athletic clothing line known to man.

The success of companies like Nike has sparked KMC Wheels to jump into the sports world. Currently, KMC is working towards building a successful NASCAR team that will showcase the KMC product and help bring their greatness to the world. The recent signing of Austin Dyne put them one step closer to this goal. Check out the full story here…

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