It’s 4Wheel Friday – We Got Time for That

MechanicsKeyboard grungyMuch like other offices the world over, here at 4wheelonline, we love Fridays.  As a running joke, we often discuss the exact amount of time, to the nanosecond, until that wonderful day that precedes feelings of freedom and simple recreation is upon us.  We always seem to be switching our focus between watching the little clock at the bottom of our screens and eyeing the wall calendar like a kid anxiously counting the days to a Christmas or Summer vacation.  It feels like rockclimbing at times – well, none of us have actually been rockclimbing, but we have sat on a few rocks, and imagine how tough it would be to scale a whole wall of those things – slightly torturous and tiring, but yet, exhilirating. 

In between the fantastically lame daydreams we have about not working, we somehow manage to pull together enough information from our garage O’ research to keep our readers informed on the latest in aftermarket news, and hopefully, somewhat entertained too.  In fact, we think our antithetical approach to production actually works quite well – but try telling that to some managers who think that a writers’ job is some askew ratio of mostly machine-like paragraph production over small bantams of creativity.  Thankfully, our managers are not that way, which allows us to bring you the very content you are reading at this moment. If you’re a writer and your managers are that way, slip some snippets of Charles Dickens into whatever boring business journal they read, sit back and let the magic happen. Certainly, no one wants to be more excited about creating educational and entertaining material than their immediate boss – “ain’t nobody got time for that.”

In concluding what may appear to some as a rant, or even a bit of mindless dribble, our point is this – we write this blog because we assume you love trucks, off-roading and racing as much as we do. Therefore, our goal is not to post content just for the sake of creating traffic to our parent site, but to intrigue, inspire, and educate anyone who might happen to stumble upon this blippet in the vast internet universe we call the 4wheelonline blog.  If you like what you read, then check out the products we talk about, and in addition, look up what our people have to say about them as well.  We can discuss, debate and dispute any aftermarket accessory information or claim right here – which would make everyday feel like Friday for us, even though that’s what we’re really here for… to converse with you, abridging the spaces between vendor, seller and customer.

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