Busting The Myth: Bizarre Things People Believe About Pickup Trucks

Many people purchase pickup trucks not only for their looks as they can perform many utility tasks compared to smaller vehicles. Modern trucks are incredibly different compared to the dusty old pickup of our grandfathers.

Comparing a brand-new truck to a 10-year-old model will show you many differences and improvements. Modern pickup trucks have become more innovative with better safety features. But despite these advances, there are still many misconceptions about owning this type of vehicle. Check out these bizarre things that people believe about pickup trucks, and let us find out if they’re true or not.

Myth: All trucks can handle heavy workloads

Pickup trucks are versatile vehicles typically used as a “workhorse.” They are popular because they can haul heavy loads than other vehicle types. However, some people overestimate the vehicle’s capabilities. They push their truck to the limit beyond the payload and towing ratings.

Not all pickups have equal towing and payload ratings. They will depend on the manufacturer, model, size, and technical specifications. Exceeding the gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) and other weight ratings is risky. It may result in a steering problem, or the brakes can become faulty. Moreover, premature wear and tear may happen to the drivetrain.

Myth: Trucks are a terrible investment

If you think investment means the cost of the money you have to shell out for your vehicle, then you’re mistaken. Some people consider their vehicle an investment because of the hefty price tag. However, even if it’s an expensive purchase, it does not mean an investment.

Back then, pickup trucks were commonly purchased by construction firms, farmers, ranchers, hunters, and anglers. Nowadays, you can see these vehicles in the streets and other urban areas. They have become a part of life for people who merely need a truck for their daily transportation needs.

If the truck has nothing to do with how you intend to use it, then you can say it’s a terrible investment. When you spend a considerable amount, you may assume to get a return on the money that you put into it. Pickup trucks can be a good investment because they can be helpful for a long time. They are built for towing heavy loads, but you can also use them for daily driving.

Myth: Aftermarket truck accessories are just a waste of money

If you decide to keep your truck in its “out-of-the-factory” state, there’s no problem. But for other people, enhancing the looks and upgrading the performance of their vehicles can be attained using truck accessories.

Aftermarket accessories and parts are not a waste of money if you purchase the correct fitment. Whether you want a product for vehicle protection, replacement, or something that can improve the looks of your vehicle, you can find a wide range of products. Check out the truck accessories from auto supply shops near you or online stores such as 4WheelOnline.

Myth: They are fuel guzzlers

Over the years, pickup trucks have gotten a bad reputation for poor mileage. They can do more heavy-duty tasks than other vehicles. But they burn a lot of gas or diesel due to their size.

Comparing them directly to other fuel-efficient cars isn’t truly fair. Many people assume that compact-sized trucks are more fuel-efficient than bigger ones. But that will not justify, especially if the vehicle is needed for work or commercial purposes.

To fuel your thoughts, think of the capabilities of pickups trucks than the gas it consumes. You might need to make more trips using a vehicle with a smaller bed size and limited weight ratings. You can save gas if you can fit all your load in just one trip. A lot of pickup trucks these days have good fuel efficiency ratings. They have advanced fuel economy technology to improve efficiency as much as possible.

Myth: Pickups are unsafe to drive when you have kids

All drivers and passengers deserve to be safe on the road, whether you’re driving a compact-sized car, minivan, SUV, or any other vehicle. Pickup trucks may not be a “family car,” but it’s incorrect to assume they are unsafe to drive when you have children.

There are specific truck models held to the highest industry standards with a high Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) rating. Tech assist systems are integrated into modern pickups such as electronic stability control, cruise control, blind-spot monitoring, front and backup cameras, four-wheel anti-lock brakes, and other safety features.

Myth: The bigger wheels and tires, the better

Some people buy pickup trucks for work, especially in construction, landscaping, and hauling businesses. Others buy pickups to keep up with the trends or use them as their weekend adventure vehicle. Whatever the purpose, some accessories can enhance the truck’s performance and improve the aesthetics. One of the popular mods is replacing the stock with bigger wheels and tires. However, bigger is not always better. 

The performance may suffer when you put bigger truck wheels (primarily if it’s not intended for your driving condition). It will make the vehicle harder to handle on pavement and rough terrains. You might even reduce the resale value or lower the fuel economy so much that you’ll regret your choice in the long run.

It is essential to consider pickup truck accessories based on their purpose. The tires should support heavy loads and endure the road conditions. Bigger tires are good if you have higher ground clearance and use your truck in off-road trails.

Fact: Pickup trucks are expensive

Some consumers base their truck-buying decision solely on looking at the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP). Experts say you must consider other factors aside from price alone when shopping around for a vehicle.

In the United States, pickup trucks exceed the sales record of passenger cars. In 2020, truck makers had sold over 17,000 units and have become the best-selling automobile in the country since then. These days, pickup trucks have become more expensive than other vehicles like SUVs and sedans. Despite the dwindling economy, many consumers are more interested in buying trucks since they are great for personal and commercial use. 

Despite debunking these myths, many people are misinformed about pickup trucks. If you’re not discouraged by these ridiculous myths and planning to buy one for yourself, you can select from a long list of options. Some may stand out and look aggressive on the trails, while others will fit just right into your lifestyle. Moreover, buying truck accessories is a great way to maximize your vehicle’s potential.

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