10 Quick and Easy Truck Upgrades

Ahh, the good ol’ truck, or maybe you got a new one. It doesn’t matter what build or year you have; trucks never lose their appeal. They are workhorses; they are a statement on their own. A pickup truck, pickup, or truck is a light truck characterized by its open cargo back and a closed cabin front. It is considered as one of the most popular vehicles in the US, if not the most. Pickup trucks were originally homemade when farmers built cargo carriers on the back of their vehicles. They were called “pickups” as they were used to haul heavy loads for the farms and other ventures. 

People have started to purchase trucks as a lifestyle choice in modern days. The wide and high stance simply stands out of the crowd. They are also used to help business people with their hauling needs. Others choose pickup trucks for recreational activities like offroading. 

Whether you want to jazz up your old one or add character to your modern truck, there are a lot of truck accessories in the market to choose from. Before we go to the different upgrades, you can do to your beloved truck, it is worth exploring why everyone loves them. Also, let’s find out why upgrades are worth your time, effort, and money. Then, later on, we’ll talk about the different truck components and accessories you can consider to upgrade your own truck. 

Love Pickup Trucks

Trucks are not famous for nothing. You may be taking your vehicle for granted now, but there are several reasons to love them and continue pampering them.

Strike anywhere vehicle

Whether on the streets or dirt, your truck has got your back. They can go through city or country roads without a problem. Because of their high ground clearance, you won’t have issues using them over puddles, dirt, and rocks. 

Trucks are 4×4 or 4-wheel drive vehicles. These terms simply mean the engine powers all the vehicle’s wheels. As such, trucks are ideal for offroading because they can roll through harsh road conditions. 

Haul it all

Because of its open cargo bed, it’s relatively easy to load almost anything that fits in it. You can load farm tools and produce. Whether it’s a truckload of groceries or furniture, you won’t have a problem bringing them home. 

If you use your truck for your business, it can carry around your construction supplies and equipment with ease. You can also load up camping stuff if you are an outdoor weekender. It can also tow or haul a trailer along. Essentially, your truck is for lifestyle, family, or recreation. 


Trucks are manufactured to take a beating without showing any issues on their ride and other functions. They are designed for heavy-duty use. They have bigger and sturdier frames than sedans. Plus, trucks have more powerful engines. Created with utility in mind, they can withstand towing, hauling, loading, and offroading. 


With the hundreds of available truck accessories, you can always make your truck your own. Installing specific components can modify your vehicle into a more functional tool. Adding more lights and a lift kit help, so your truck becomes more offroad-ready. 

Upgrades Are Worth It

Off the factory, pickup trucks already have exceptional stance and functionality. However, you can express your own personality with all the possible upgrades. You can modify your vehicle based on its primary purpose in your lifestyle.


With just a few accessories here and there, you can upgrade the functionality of your truck. These modifications should highly depend on the general use of your vehicle. For example, if you use your truck for commuting most days and use it for offroading every weekend, it wouldn’t hurt to have offroading add ons. 


Aside from functionality, who wouldn’t want their vehicle to look fantastic and better? You don’t have to get all the additional accessories out there in the market to make your truck look better. Get only the components that you need. Truck accessories are designed for aesthetic value and functionality altogether. 

10 Quick and Easy Upgrades

  1. Wheels and tires

Anyone can say that the entry-level modification is a new set of wheels and tires. They significantly bring your truck in a whole new light. And with hundreds of choices in the market, you can indeed find the best for your needs and taste.

When sifting through the many options of wheels and tires, you need to determine your truck use first. The wheels and tires play an integral part in your vehicle’s performance. If you use your truck more on the pavement, pick wheels ideal for that purpose. On the other hand, bigger wheels and tires fare so well if you use your truck for offroading as it provides higher ground clearance. It helps steer clear of branches and boulders that may damage the truck’s under chassis. 

Also, make sure that the combination of tire and wheel diameter fits the wheel well of your truck. Check the wheel bolt pattern, backspacing, and offset. Aside from these specifications, there are various designs, materials, and finishes to choose from. Best to check reviews, so you know what to expect. 

  1. Lights

There are several lighting upgrades you can do for your trusty truck. You can make upgrades on the main headlights of the truck. However, some headlight conversions may not suit regular road use with lamp posts and oncoming other vehicles. With this in mind, another lighting system to consider is light bars. This lighting assembly is characterized by a series of light bulbs arranged in like a bar usually placed on the roof of the vehicle’s cab. They can also be placed elsewhere in the truck. 

A light bar generally has a separate switch from the other light fixtures in the vehicle. This setup gives the ability to shed ultra-bright lights when needed, like when you’re driving in the woods where there are no other light sources. It can also come in handy on campsites. 

  1. Tonneau cover

There are folding tonneau covers, some are retractable, and some are tilted. Tonneaus are hard or soft covers for the open cargo backs of pickup trucks. They help improve the vehicle’s aerodynamics as the wind movement glides smoothly from the front to the back instead of getting caught at the tailgate. Several different materials are made into tonneau covers. They can be made of canvas, PVC, aluminum, steel, carbon fiber, or fiberglass. 

They are used to protect whatever cargo from changing weather conditions. Generally, tonneaus have locks, so they also prevent your load from getting stolen or falling off of your truck. 

  1. Bullbar, Grille Guard, and Back bumper

Especially if you take your truck in your adventures, you may want to get it some added protection. This is where the bullbar, grille guard, and back bumpers come in. Plus, these truck accessories show that you mean business, and you know how to maximize the use of the vehicle. Not to mention that these protective gears simply make your truck look totally badass. 

  1. Step boards, running boards, or nerf bars

These truck accessories do not just protect the sides of your truck, but they also assist the passengers in climbing up the vehicle. They are placed on either side of the truck right below the doors as steps for boarding or alighting. 

They can also protect the sides of your truck from branches, stones, and debris from all the offroading tips. Plus, they can act as doormats to keep excess dirt from your footwear from getting inside your truck.

  1. Exhaust

You have probably seen pickup trucks with vertical exhaust pipes. These are called smokestacks, and they are there for a reason. Aside from the added appeal, vertical exhaust adds to the performance of your truck because smoke naturally travels up. Additionally, taking your truck offroading is less likely to stock up mud and dirt when the exhaust is situated vertically. 

  1. Mats and Bed Liners

With all the nooks and crannies you and your truck go to, it’s not surprising for it to accumulate all the soil, rocks, stones, and dirt. Good thing there are floor mats and bed mats in the market to keep the dirt off your truck floor. Mats and bed liners are usually made of rubber making them sturdy enough to withstand wear and tear. They are also removable for easy cleaning. 

  1. Hitch and winch

If you and your truck’s partnership involve some hauling and towing, then you have an option to get a tow hitch or a winch. A tow hitch is usually made of metal and attaches to the chassis of the pickup truck. There are many different types of hitches to choose from. The most important thing to consider is your truck’s weight capacity. It is also the same when scouting for a winch. Winches are available in electric and hydraulic. 

  1. Mudflaps

Mudflaps or mudguards are rubber sheets attached to the wheel well behind the wheels. They work in combination with the fenders to prevent mud and dirt from splashing into your vehicle, pedestrians, or other vehicles. When tires rolls, they tend to splatter mud behind. Some users are concerned with their effects on the truck’s aerodynamics. Some mudflaps are designed to have slats similar to louvers so air can pass through to mitigate the drag.

  1. Roof rack

Sometimes, the truck bed is not enough for all your cargo. Roof racks come in handy in these situations. These fixtures are bars or railing affixed on the cabin’s roof used for transporting additional luggage. They can also be used for bicycles, kayaks, canoes, etc. 

Your truck is tough and versatile enough to be with you through thick and thin. Surely, taking care of it and upgrading it can give you much in return. You don’t have to get all the accessories you need all at once. The key is to prioritize which ones can be used to you the most. More importantly, truck modifications involve stories and memories you can share with others.

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