Easy Pickup Exterior Mods You Can Do Before the Year Ends

Are you looking for mods that will make your truck look better? Owning a pickup truck, you will come to a point where you want to upgrade something to your vehicle. But if you don’t want to spend a lot of time installing the truck accessories, that’s not a problem.

You can customize your truck with these easy exterior mods even with little effort and time.

Tonneau covers

Tonneau cover (also called truck bed cover) is a simple yet functional accessory many truck owners add to their vehicles. This modification improves the utility of your pickup truck. It also safeguards the truck bed from dirt and changing weather. It also prevents the possibility of theft, especially if you put valuable items in the bed area.

Tonneau covers come in various sizes, colors, and designs. Searching through the wide range of tonneau cover products can be overwhelming. To make the selection uncomplicated, you must match the cover’s material and design to your needs and budget. 

Hard tonneau may require more time for installation than its soft counterparts. Some covers are so easy to install that you won’t even break a sweat. You can install most truck bed cover products in under thirty minutes.

Modern pickups integrate more technology to improve the performance, convenience, and, most significantly, the safety of the passengers. The safety-assist technology of your truck may include a rear backup camera. If so, folding tonneau covers will not block the camera.

For tonneau brand suggestions, you can check out the BAKFlip series or the Flex series by Undercover. Opening the folding cover against the cab provides full bed access. They are also perfect for hauling trucks because the tonneau will not interfere with the fifth-wheel hitch.

Truck bed mat and tailgate cover

Sold separately, the truck bed mat and tailgate cover work well together when paired. If you already have a tonneau cover, combining these three aftermarket accessories ensures superior truck bed protection. 

The two accessories are beneficial for those who use their truck bed to load groceries and other cargo. They keep the things from shifting and sliding as the truck moves. The bed mat and the tailgate cover deflect the ultraviolet (UV) rays to prevent premature paint fading.

Abrasions can harm the surface of the truck’s tailgate and bed. The things you put might scratch the finish of the flooring, sides, and tailgate.

Tailgate lift assist

Since a pickup truck has a bed, it’s easy to put small to large items in it. But before you can access the bed, you need to open the tailgate. It won’t be easy to control how the tailgate will open if you carry something. As a result, it will ram down, which may cause premature wear and tear.

When the tailgate jolts frequently, it can wear out quickly and damage the hinges. The tailgate lift assist (also called tailgate shock assist) helps the tailgate slow down instead of dropping hard. This accessory is designed to support the tailgate when open. 

The tailgate lift assist has a built-in shock absorber that helps in keeping the tailgate in good working condition. It prevents the tailgate from jolting and lets you open it slowly and quietly. Installation can be done in an hour or less, especially if the tailgate product you have chosen requires only one lift strut on one side.

Storage Box

Are you the type of person who likes to organize and keep things tidy? A truck toolbox is one of the truck accessories you can buy for your vehicle. It provides enough space for all of your equipment and tools. It also gives you a storage solution to keep your stuff organized.

Most storage toolboxes in the market are made of aluminum or steel. If you don’t have a truck bed cover, the metal-made toolbox can withstand the UV rays and rainwater. Its solid construction and design shield the contents you put inside from dirt, water, and other particles.

Fender flares

Fender flares offer protection and style to your truck. These accessories help retain the resale value of your vehicle. Small rocks and debris from the road come in contact with the tires as it spins. The fender flares deflect those particles to protect the vehicle’s body.

You will notice fine hair-like scratches, especially near the wheel well and bottom part of the vehicle. The debris can scratch the truck’s paint finish. Aside from acting as a shield, fender flares also add style to your vehicle. They also allow maximum tire clearance.

Bushwacker offers fender flares in various styles, designs, and colors. They are famous since most flare styles do not require drilling or cutting. Using the pre-existing factory holes for installation, fasten the fender flares securely.

Vent visor

A vent visor is called in different names: rain visor, rain guard, window deflector, or window visor. It is installed on the truck’s exterior but protects the interior during inclement weather. 

Did you know that vent visors can improve gas mileage and help you save on fuel costs? Aside from deflecting rain, snow, and other particles from the windows, it also improves the airflow.

Additionally, vent visors can aerodynamically deflect the wind and improve the airflow while driving. It minimizes the wind resistance, known as drag, that impedes the truck’s forward motion. Thus, the vent visors affect fuel economy.

Installing the vent visors would only take a few minutes, and they’re effortless to attach. It can stick readily as they’re made with automotive-grade adhesive. Insert the accessory into the truck’s window channel. No other tools or drilling are required.

Running boards

Pickups have a higher ground clearance than sedans, making it harder to climb into the cab. The purpose of running boards is to provide a safe stepping platform for the driver and passengers.

Unlike the tubular design of nerf bars, running boards have a bigger solid surface where you can put your feet properly. They have a long and narrow frame with a solid platform design that enables you to step on it quickly. The length runs from the front tire’s end to the frontage of the rear tire.

Even if you are of limited experience, you can easily attach this aftermarket truck accessory to the bottom of the truck.

Mod it up

Truck accessories keep your truck more functional. They also add convenience and value to your vehicle. Whether you’re looking to add style or protection, these truck mods will do the trick!

Before the year ends, get these suggested truck accessories and other aftermarket truck improvement products at 4WheelOnline.

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