Buyers Guide To Different Styles of Fender Flares

Whether you’re looking to add a bit of off-roading flair to your pickup truck, or you need some extra protection from dirt and mud when out in the wilderness, fender flares can provide these features for you. 

Fender flares are one of the most popular truck accessories in the off-roading community. These are commonly installed on trucks since they improve the appearance of the truck’s exterior to your preferred style and taste.

Fender flares are generally flexible and highly durable, allowing them to protect your vehicle from being covered in mud, dirt, stone, and other debris when you go off-roading. They are also considerably lightweight, which is helpful when driving over rough terrain or steep hills, as they increase your rig’s ground clearance while maintaining fuel efficiency. Fender flares come in various styles and designs, so you need to do some research before deciding which one is ideal for your truck. We hope this article can help you determine what style of fender flares to add to your vehicle.

1. OE Style

OE or Original Equipment style fender flares are the most commonly seen among new truck owners. They’ve been on the trucks as part of the stock trim from the start. They were specifically designed to match the trim and add style to the exterior while maintaining the original manufacturer’s design of the truck.

OE style is ideal if you want to have a more subtle and sleek design for your wheel well. They are effective in providing initial protection from debris tossed by tire spin. Automakers consistently create new OE style designs based on upcoming vehicle models. This fender flare is usually the most inexpensive option because it usually costs a fraction of a factory set.

2. Pocket Style

Pocket style is another type of fender flare that looks close to the stock fender flares of the truck. This type is famous for truck owners who use their rig daily and off-road. The pocket-style fender flares provide plenty of wheels and tires coverage for extra protection from harmful road elements. They also remain flexible even in extreme temperatures, both hot and cold conditions.

Pocket-style fender flares are easy to install and can be tailor-fit to your rig’s year, make, and model. Usually, it is installed by fastening the rivets on the fenders, which are also decorative. It doesn’t require drilling or significant alteration to your truck. You can also add your touch of visual flair as they are easy to repaint to match and complement the color and style of your vehicle.

3. Bolt-On Style

Bolt-On style fender flares are usually attached to the truck’s wheel well using bolts and rivets. It takes its name from the lining of the bolt or rivets to the outer edge of the flare. The Bolt-On style is almost similar to the pocket style, but its design cues offer a more rugged and aggressive look ideal for off-roading builds. It effectively provides additional protection from any off-roading obstacles you might encounter in trails. This type of fender flare gives an impression of added strength to the overall appearance of your rig. They are typically made from plastic or fiberglass and come in various shapes and sizes.

One of the benefits of bolt-on style flares is that they are easy to install. They can be installed in under a few hours with just a few simple tools. They also don’t require any drilling or modification to your truck. It makes them a favored choice for people who want to add flares with a more rugged look but don’t want any permanent alterations to their vehicle.

4. Street Style

Street-style fender flares are known for their rugged yet streamlined and low-profile appearance. This fender type is a common choice for heavily modified and lifted trucks as it provides extra tire clearance. They efficiently protect your ride from extreme weather conditions and road hazards as they resist cracking and distorting. 

Street-style fender flares can be easily attached to the wheel well and are made to last in off-roading.

5. Flat Style

This type of fender flare is a simple design with a flat shape. This style of fender flares doesn’t curve downward but instead extends straight out from the vehicle, creating a level surface area. They are typically made from polyethylene foam. They are a good option for trucks with limited wheel well space. Flat-style fender flares are easy to install and customize with paint and decals to match your rig.

6. Wide and Extended Style

Wide and Extended style fender flares are specifically for rigs with larger tires or built for extreme off-roading and rock crawling. Wide fender flares extend as much as 3 inches, giving a more stance and tire clearance. This fender effectively provides extra protection from debris and rocks regardless of the terrain you want to explore. The enhanced styling and width also offer improved aerodynamics to your vehicle. If you’re looking for a way to enhance the look of your truck while also providing some protection from debris and rocks, then wide and extended fender flares are a great option.

7. Painted Style

Painted fender flares are popular for their aesthetic features. If you’re looking for a way to add some style to your truck, painted fender flares are a great option. They are available in many colors and styles, and they can add a lot of personality to your truck. Painted fender flares also serve a practical purpose, as they can help protect your vehicle from dirt and debris.

When To Add Fender Flares?

There are a few times when you might want to add more truck parts like fender flares to your truck. One of those times is when you’re going off-roading. When driving on the trail, your tires are more likely to hurl dirt, rocks, and other debris onto your vehicle’s body. Fender flares help protect your truck from getting scratched and dented by deflecting these road elements away. They keep your truck tires from getting too dirty from mud. Fender flares can also give your vehicle a bit more clearance and help you get into those tough spots.

Another time when you might want to add fender flares is when you’re installing bigger tires. Using larger and wider tires can harm other vehicles by tossing debris that can cause accidents and unwanted exterior damage such as chipped paint. Due to this concern, some states require by law to have fender flares installed on vehicles with oversized tires for public safety.

Lastly, you might want to add fender flares when you want to elevate the aesthetic of your ride by adding personality and style. Fender flares design varies from subtle to rugged to cater to all preferences of different types of truck owners.

Fender flares are a great way for truck owners to add flair, utility, and protection to their vehicles. There are many product options available on the market, so be sure to look for the fender flares that suit your ideal build and style. No off-roading pickup truck is complete without a set of fender flares. Give your vehicle a stylish and sporty look it deserves and enjoy the benefit it offers, such as additional protection, improved aerodynamics, and high tire clearance.

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