Are Modern Trucks Better Investment Than Conventional Pickups?

Pickup trucks are like Swiss Army knives in the form of a vehicle. They can adapt to any situation, whether you drive on concrete roads or through bumpy off-road trails.

It’s no surprise why a lot of consumers choose to have trucks rather than other cars. But before you go to a dealer, you must determine which truck suits your needs best. Let us find out if a modern truck is a better investment than the conventional one.

How it started

Pickup trucks have existed for many years. In 1986, Gottlieb Daimler, a German automotive pioneer, built the first motor truck. He created the first pickup truck with a four-horsepower engine, including a belt drive with one reverse and two forward speeds.

In the beginning of America’s new era during the late 1920s through the 1930s, pickup trucks began to gain popularity. Chrysler bought the Dodge Brothers Company in 1928 and built the Fargo trucks—and the rest was history.

In the past, most buyers have jobs or businesses in construction, landscaping, farming, or other heavy-duty work. Automakers designed some classic trucks with only a seat for the driver and another that can fit two passengers.

How it’s going

Pickups are considered America’s workhorse automobile. Compared to other types of vehicles, truck makers build them with durable parts to handle various purposes and functions.

Back then, manufacturers designed trucks to carry specialized payloads and transport cargo. They produce this large vehicle mainly for heavy-duty work. Nowadays, consumers buy pickups for their style, towing capacity, and advanced tech features. Modern pickup trucks are not only limited to the use of businesses and industries. Now, even small families and individuals who want a larger vehicle compared to sedans use them.

Trucks have consistently been among the top-selling vehicles in the United States. It surpassed the sales of sedans and sports cars with a unibody setup. Manufacturers build trucks using a body-on-frame method, however, some exceptions exist because some car manufacturers create modern trucks with unibody frames, such as Honda Ridgeline and Hyundai Santa Cruz. The body-on-frame makes larger pickups more reliable and versatile. They allow you to fit oversize items on the truck bed, transport heavy loads, haul trailers or campers, drive on rugged terrain, or simply use them as your daily driver.

If you search the market for the best pickup truck that matches your lifestyle, there are a few things you need to know. Aside from the size, brand, and model, it would help to consider other factors when buying a pickup. Conventional trucks that run on fuel have their pros and cons, but so are today’s modern trucks.


Whether conventional or modern, the capabilities of pickup trucks are unquestionable. The truck wheels and tires are bigger compared to other cars. They have a resilient suspension that enables the drivers to steer easily and withstand the rough and bumpy terrain.

Stability is one of the main features, making them suitable even with the changing seasons, climate, and weather. Unlike car platforms, the trucks have more ground clearance. It is easier to handle through the dirt, snow, or mud because they are heavier. Due to the stability, it is safer to drive in inclement weather with a truck than a smaller car like a sedan.

However, some mid-sized modern trucks have simpler suspension, and the frame may not be as heavy as the larger ones. The weight is its downside, and that affects the fuel efficiency. That is why some automakers make their vehicles lighter. For the conventional fuel-guzzling trucks, they built pickups with simpler but heavier mechanical parts and body frames. Fuel mileage is not their strong suit, but their towing capabilities are far better.


You may be wondering why people choose pickup trucks over cargo-covered vehicles such as vans or SUVs. Some may think that pickups are not practical–unless you have a farm or ranch.

The style and tech features are what automakers highlight on their modern pickups. Before, dealers marketed the trucks for their functionality and versatility. A few passengers can fit in the cab while the truck bed lets you load items of different shapes and sizes. That’s why it’s perfect for daily driving, towing, or something you can use off-road.

Trucks are not only suitable for job sites and heavy-duty work, but they are also excellent vehicles for those who need spacious cabins and cargo areas. To ensure the things you put on the truck bed are secured against theft and protected from changing weather, you may install a tonneau cover.


From heavy-duty to midsize, and whether you go for gasoline or diesel, you have the choice of many truck models. Pickup trucks provide many benefits, so many people choose to have them for their next vehicle purchase.

Manufacturers build trucks that provide versatility and safety, which you cannot find in other small cars. They have more power under the hood and impressive capabilities even when you drive them in less-than-ideal road conditions.

Vehicle manufacturers offer pickup trucks with impressive fuel efficiency numbers, safety features, stunning interior and exterior designs, and other excellent qualities with advanced technology.

Shifting to electric

Carmakers must keep up with the change due to the strict laws on climate change and the impact of fossil fuel usage. In 2040, the United States will push manufacturers to release more electric cars. They will also hinder the production of brand-new vehicles running on gas and diesel.

The US government and various automakers are gearing towards a more modern and futuristic automotive industry with battery and electric-powered vehicles. So, the manufacturers must produce truck models originally built with diesel or gasoline powertrains. They must refine the truck parts to change the powertrain with a more advanced computer system and batteries.

Some modern trucks still run on gas, especially the hybrid ones. They are an excellent option for those who want to experience the modernity of electric-powered trucks. If you have already consumed the electric charge of a hybrid truck, you can switch to gas and continue with your driving.

Price and value

According to President Biden, one of the pillars of climate policy is the switch to electric vehicles. There are government tax incentives and rebate programs that can help affluent buyers afford electric cars. EV users have to pay only 5 percent in tax, which is less than those who own gas and diesel cars.

The president stated that he supports a rebate program that will encourage Americans to trade in their older vehicles for new EVs. The Car Allowance Rebate System (CARS) includes a credit of up to $4,500. Americans may trade in their old fuel-powered cars for newer, more fuel-efficient ones.

However, many buyers tend to choose the more affordable option—the used vehicles. They still opt to buy fuel-powered trucks and cars, even if they are not brand-new. The pandemic affected many industries and the workforce. The automotive industry faces different challenges, one of which is the shortage in chip supply to build new vehicles.

What to choose

If you are still happy pumping gas or diesel into your vehicle, you still have a few years to enjoy conventional trucks. However, it’s best to check the fuel efficiency if you want to purchase a gas-powered one. Some EVs can accelerate faster than gas-powered vehicles. Electric motors are more straightforward than combustion engines. So, if you’re excited to experience the innovation of modern trucks, then that’s the most suitable truck for you.

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