Must-Have ATV Parts And Accessories When Off-Roading This Summer.

Summer is the perfect time of the year to enjoy the great outdoors. It is a good opportunity to discover new paths and conquer new trails with our All-Terrain Vehicles or ATV. Parks and outdoor recreational facilities have been opening again. Most of them have trails for ATV riding to anyone who seeks thrill and adventure this summer.

ATV is great for driving on non-paved roads. It is intended for traversing dirt trails, muddy paths, and even snow. If you’re planning to go off-road with your ATV this summer, there’s plenty of ways you can modify and improve your ATV. Here is a list of must-have ATV parts and ATV accessories to maximize your off-road experience.

ATV Bumpers

Adding aftermarket ATV bumpers reinforces protection to your ATV’s bodywork. It helps you pass through brushes and stumps easily without having your bodywork suffer a beating from these obstacles. There are ATV bumpers that have integrated mount for winch and lights. They also offer another tie-down point whenever you need to haul or tow. Installing ATV bumpers gives a significant boost to your ATV’s appearance. There is plenty of styles available to suit your preference.

Skid Plates

Skid plates are used to cover the front and undercarriage of the ATV. This is essential if you’re going off-road with your ATV. They protect the radiator, chassis, and body that are often in contact with the terrain from rocks, debris, and other elements that might cause some serious damage.

Most skid plates are made of steel, aluminum, and UHMW. Many use steel for long time protection but it is vulnerable to rust and corrosion. Aluminum has become a common choice for skid plates because of its good impact strength. It doesn’t rust or corrode when it gets scratch, unlike its steel counterpart. The UHMW or Ultra-High Molecular Weight has gained popularity due to its characteristics. It can stretch, bend, and flex while still being able to retain its shape. It can glide through terrain without sustaining damage. UHMW is the superior choice among the three but you can’t repair UHMW once damaged, unlike steel and aluminum.

All three kinds of skid plates can provide the protection you need for the undercarriage of your ATV. It is ideal to have skid plates installed to preserve the machine and bodywork of your ATV from any trail hazards.

ATV Body Plastics

Body plastics such as fender flares and overfenders are necessary to keep mud and debris particles out of the ATV when rotating wheels and tires fling them. You also need these body plastics if you’re planning on installing offset wheels, larger mud tires, and a lift kit. Like bumpers, fender flares and overfenders can enhance the overall exterior of your ATV by choosing a style that fits your taste.

ATV Nerf Bars

Installing nerf bars is one of the easiest upgrades you can make on your ATV. Nerf bars are metal frames with nylon webbing that act as a safer platform for your feet. They are attached to an ATV footpeg to protect your feet from rocks and other trail particles that projectile when thrown by the front tires. They also secure your feet from slipping off when it gets wet and muddy. Nerf bars also prevent jamming such as getting other ATV tires stuck between your own ATV tires.

ATV Storage and Luggage

Expand your ATV storage space by adding an ATV storage bag and luggage. Having additional storage guarantees that you have all the items you need for ATV riding. Most ATV storage bags and luggage are made with high-quality materials that can withstand any harsh terrain environment and weather conditions.

It is always better to be well-equipped and prepared when going off-road with your ATV. These ATV storage bags and luggage provide space for your first aid kit that comes in handy in case of an incident that might take a while to get medical attention. You can also store rations, tools, and other equipment necessary for you to last longer on the trail.

Wheels and Tires       

Choosing the right wheels and tires can make a significant difference to your riding experience. They are often the first stock parts to get replaced by aftermarket options. Selecting new replacement wheels and tires can be a daunting task. It helps to be familiar with the huge selection available in the market. This ensures that you have the right ones for a more comfortable ATV ride.

Determining the type of terrain you’re planning to take your ATV is the first step in choosing replacement ATV tires. Four types of ATV tires are made to match the kind of terrain that you might take.

  • ATV Sand tires are made specifically for riding on dunes and beaches. Using regular ATV tires on this kind of terrain will be difficult as they will just spin your wheels all day leaving your ATV immobilized. ATV Sand tires such as Sedona Cyclone tires are made with the ultra-lightweight carcass to allow great floatation. It has a large 8-paddle design that will scoop into the sand making your ATV hurtle through the terrain with ease. These paddles also add strength for reliable traction and predictable turning and side-hilling.
  • ATV Mud tires offer deep and thick lug treads that provide great traction and water evacuation in harsh muddy terrain. Most mud tires are aggressive and capable of taking a beating from a harsh environment due to their 6-ply rating. ATV Mud tires like ITP Mayhem tires are made with a lightweight carcass to give exceptional acceleration and braking. Its aggressive tread pattern allows a smooth and comfortable ride.
  • ATV Racing tires are ideal for loose tracks and MX racing. They are built with stiffened knobs for consistent cornering and a wide-spaced tread pattern for an optimized bite and self-clean-out. The front tires are intended for precise steering, traction, and stability. The rear tires are designed for acceleration and optimal traction.
  • ATV All-terrain tires provide all-purpose traction on all kinds of surfaces. They are a versatile type of tire that can be used all year round on mud, sand, and snow. Although, it won’t fare better than its specialized counterparts in extreme terrain conditions. Most of the ATV all-terrain tires are made with many interlocking tread designs to provide optimal grip on multiple kinds of terrain. They also have a reinforced sidewall for protection against puncture. This is the best choice for when you’re starting off-roading. It can help you gauge all types of terrain before you can determine your preferred terrain for riding.

Your choice of replacement ATV wheels should complement your choice of ATV tires. They should be able to handle the terrain conditions that you’re planning to take. ATV wheels are usually constructed with either steel or alloy.

Steel wheels are a cost-effective option. They are generally strong but heavy compared to alloy wheels. Steel wheels are resistant to high impact forces and also malleable which can be easily repaired when out of shape. Alloy wheels are a standard alternative as it is much lighter and highly durable. They don’t rust when scratched, unlike steel wheels.

Many take this chance of replacing ATV wheels to upgrade the style of their existing ATV wheels. ATV wheels manufacturers consistently introduce ATV wheels with unique spoke patterns, cast, and finish. Black wheels have been a popular choice in giving their ATV a fresh new look.

Take note that it is also important to determine the right sizing, wheel offset, and bolt pattern before buying the ATV wheels that you need. Don’t overlook bundle promos such as wheels and tires package as they offer big discounts when bought as a set.

ATV Winch

There are times that you might get your ATV stuck in a tough spot. Adding an ATV winch can help you get out of that messy situation. ATV winch exerts a force that pulls your ATV using a rope or cable towards a secured object that acts as an anchor. You can also use the ATV winch to haul other ATVs stuck in the mud.

Before you buy an ATV winch, you need to consider how much weight the winch will need to pull. Check your prospect product for their ‘rated line pull’. This indicates how much weight you can safely haul with the winch. For example, ATV Warn Winch can pull weight starting from 1500lb. up to 3500lb. capacity.

You also need to select between synthetic rope and steel rope. Synthetic ropes are generally lightweight, heavy-duty, and easy to handle. They don’t rust and develop small rough edges or splinters, unlike their steel counterpart. Although, synthetic ropes can acquire abrasion and damage caused by overall use and other elements. Regular inspection for frays and wearing is a must. Steel ropes heavier and durable which is good for recovery and utility work. The only downside is that it develops rust and small splinters. It is highly recommended to wear heavy gloves while handling both kinds of ropes.

Riding an ATV is a fun and exciting activity to do this summer. It can give you a sense of escapism when you take yourself off-road. Scenic views are waiting to be discovered when you take the road less traveled. Gearing up your ATV with the right parts and accessories for off-roading can boost your riding experience to the fullest.

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