Top Jeep Wrangler Accessories You Need To Buy

Nothing beats Jeep at off-road capability. That’s why it’s one of the best points of the Wrangler. 201,311 units were sold in 2020, making Wrangler one of the top-selling Jeep variants in the market.

The Jeep Wrangler is a mighty 4×4 vehicle for the roads less traveled. But are you satisfied with your Wrangler as is? Why not try on a few enhancements that will bring excitement to your Jeep life?

Before you get your hands dirty and build a trail-crushing Wrangler, check out these suggested Jeep Wrangler accessories.


It’s not just you, but many jeepers have a hard time deciding whether to get a hardtop or a soft top. Driving a Jeep Wrangler gives you a genuine connection with nature, and with the right top, you will have a broader link to the world around you.

  • Jeep soft tops — are made of lightweight materials like vinyl, twill, sailcloth, or denim. It isn’t as durable as hardtops. But the great thing about soft tops is it can be easily stored and opened by folding, zipping, or pulling. With the addition of roll bars, it stays in place.

Jeep soft tops are great to use during the summertime. However, they don’t give much coverage when it starts to rain hard. Water may leak and drip inside the parts of the interior. Soft tops are not recommended to use during the winter. You may also need to replace soft tops when they acquire holes or if it begins to crack.

  • Jeep hardtops — will offer you greater security, increased durability, and be more resistance to weather conditions. But those are not the only benefits of having a hardtop. Jeep hardtops will be quieter when driving and in case of a crash, it’s going to be less likely to crunch or break.

Weight is the downside to having a hardtop. Its average weight is approximately 140 pounds. As for installation, you may need an extra person to help you install or remove a hardtop since it is not as easy as putting a soft top on your vehicle.

You can do water fording, tread on rocky roads, or even drive through icy situations with your Jeep Wrangler. Your Jeep will go just about anywhere, as it can handle any weather situation. And for you to enjoy those moments, you need a reliable Jeep top to protect you from heat, moisture, dirt, and other road particles.

Wheels and Tires

It is important to consider the conditions you will be driving in when choosing wheels and tires. Here are the wheels types for Wrangler you should consider:

  • Aluminum alloy wheels – This type of wheel can be seen on most Wranglers. The alloy has two types: cast and forged. Cast rims weigh more but are weaker, while forged alloy rims are lighter and denser. Cast rims are better for street use, while forged can be used for off-road applications. Forged alloy rims have better durability and heat dissipation due to the manufacturing process it has undertaken.

Alloy wheels give better fuel economy and handling—making it great for highway, city driving, or light off-road adventures. However, it is difficult to repair and the finish can be damaged by certain types of cleaners. Even though it requires more maintenance, there are more design choices available for alloy wheels than other types of Jeep rims.

If you’re into street style rims, Black Rhino wheels offer a long list of alloy wheel designs that comes in different finish and sizes. If you’re in the market for Jeep wheels that can stand up to rugged terrains, Cali offroad wheels have your back.

  • Steel wheels – Also called steelies, these wheels are regarded as cheap, durable, and do not require a lot of maintenance. Due to its low cost, many jeepers prefer to use steel wheels and pair them with winter tires. This combination is great to use for the winter season.

Steel wheels are made of durable metal that is not likely to crack. Although it can bend due to hard impact, it can be hammered back. Steel wheels are limited in designs. But there is hope because you can make them look better with hubcaps.

Steelies may give the worse handling due to their heavyweight. They can also affect your fuel economy. Although it’s low maintenance, you have to prevent your wheels from corrosion to prolong their life.

You must maintain the integrity of your Jeep by using proper tires, especially if you drive through rough roads frequently. Here are the tire types you can use on your Wrangler:

  • All-terrain tires (A/T tires) – This type of tire is used for traction on all kinds of surfaces as it combines the open-tread design of off-road tires with the handling features of street tires.

A/T tires are designed with closer tread blocks closer to provide more contact with the pavement. It is made with siping that helps the tires get a better grip and traction. It’s the best tire option for Jeep owners who drive on paved roads and highways, and occasionally drive on rough terrains.

  • Mud terrain tires (M/T tires) –Compared to other tires on the market, mud terrain tires are designed with self-cleaning technology to prevent organic buildup. This is due to their tread pattern and larger lugs

M/T tires are great to use in rough terrains and uneven road surfaces because they offer superb traction. These tires are extremely durable as it’s made of tough sidewalls to absorb the impact of off-road hazards. They also perform well when you drive on steep slopes

  • Winter tires – Great to use for those who usually drive their Jeep in snowy areas. It stays soft and pliant because it can withstand extreme temperatures even below zero. It has grooves and channels called sipes in the tread of the tires. The siping grips well into the snow and ice to improve the traction in slippery conditions.

You might think the stock wheels and tires may be enough if you use your Jeep Wrangler for daily driving. Some jeepers who drive both on- and off-road think of ways to improve the performance of their 4×4 vehicle. It is crucial to fit the right kind of wheels and tires for your Wrangler because the size and form will affect your Jeep’s performance in many ways.

Lift Kits

This mod can get costly and unlike other aftermarket parts, it’s not easy to install. Lift kit brands such as Rough Country provide added height for ground clearance to improve the suspension in off-road situations. There are different types of Jeep lift kits such as:

  • Body lift – An inexpensive and simple way to lift your Wrangler that adds space between the body and frame. It gives a few inches of lift while keeping the wheels and suspension stock. However, it doesn’t provide enhanced off-road capabilities.
  • Coil spring spacers – This consists of coil spacers placed on top of your Wrangler’s coil springs. It does not require a lot of suspension modification and maintains the factory ride quality of the vehicle. This is favorable for Jeep owners looking to add larger tires.
  • Coil lifts – This adds longer coil springs and offers 2 to 3.5 inches of suspension lift. Also, the taller coil spring increases the articulation. This lift is great for serious off-roaders.
  • Short arm lift kit – This is most commonly used by off-roaders because it provides over 2 to 6 inches of lift that increases the ground clearance and wheel travel. It includes everything found in a coil spring kit but with bigger sway bar links, longer front and rear control arms, as well as shocks.
  • Long arm lift kit – This lift kit uses long control arms that are mounted further back on the frame of the Jeep. The long control arms provide better suspension angles, as well as give extreme articulation and crawling ability. The downside of this lift kit is the long arms can get caught up on rocks much easier, it has an expensive price as well. It requires welding and fabrication so it’s best to seek the help of professionals to install this.

Jeep lift kits provide better approach angles for rocky obstacles and steep climbs. For jeepers who are planning on doing serious off-roading, installing Jeep lift kits are recommended. Modifying the Wrangler’s suspension with a lift kit also provides greater articulation and stability. Brands such as Rough Country lift kit is available for Wrangler.

Fender Flares

Fender flares are not just about looks but an important part of any functioning off-road vehicle. They block dirt and debris from being thrown into the air by the tires. Not only do fender flares protect your rig from dirt, mud, and water out of the wheel wells; they also prevent debris from hitting other vehicles on road.

Jeep fender flares are available in various colors and sizes. Also, it’s categorized into four main styles:

  • OE Style – The factory fenders will offer you the specifications that Jeep intended your Jeep to have. If you stick with your Jeep’s fender flares, you will retain its original looks.
  • Street Style – These fender flares are sleeker and closer to the body, as well as provide you with more aerodynamics. It makes your Jeep Wrangler more fuel-efficient, saving your wallet at the gas pump.
  • Pocket / Bolt Style – This provides extra coverage to your wheels and is considered one of the most popular styles of fender flares. This style shows that you aren’t afraid to seriously wrench on your Jeep because of the prominent bolts used to attach them to the vehicle.
  • Extended Style – This style of fender flares gives you the coverage that you need if you’re planning to put wider wheel offsets. Unlike bolt style, the extended fender flares do not give a rugged look to the vehicle. Make sure to put a correct height for this fender flare because it can place a limit on the wheel travel.

It is not an easy task to clean the wheel wells after an afternoon on the trail. Installing fender flares will cut the post-mudding hose-down time in half. That way, you have time to spend on other things.

When you install larger wheels and tires on your jeep, you might experience some rubbing. This is where aftermarket Jeep parts like Smittybilt fender flares come in handy.

Upgrades and Modification

Mentioned above are just a few suggestions that will springboard you into upgrading or modifying your Jeep. You can conveniently purchase those Jeep Wrangler accessories and parts from 4WheelOnline.

Do not skimp on the things you can use to improve your vehicle. To set your Wrangler apart from the rest, the best way to do is with modifications and add Jeep Wrangler accessories. Start building your vehicle to fit your lifestyle.

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