Must-Have Truck Parts and Accessories to Buy Before the New Year Comes

Christmas has passed but gift-giving can still be done just before the New Year comes. For truck owners, there is nothing more exciting than getting some truck parts and accessories as a gift from your friends or your loved ones.

Oftentimes, truck owners would question themselves what aftermarket parts or accessories they should avail. Every truck owner needs a particular part or accessory to improve the performance or looks of the vehicle. For people who would like to give a gift to truck owners, it is important to know what is the truck specifically used for.

Here is a list of must-have truck parts and accessories for anybody who owns a pickup truck.

Wheels and Tires

The new year is the best time for fresh wheels and tires. These components are some of the easiest parts that can be replaced from a pickup truck. Some of us have learned how to change the wheels and tires from our dads, but for some first-time vehicle owners, they can learn by watching tutorial clips on YouTube or reading on some blogs.

Whether the truck is lifted or not, the stock rims need to go because it’s just like training wheels. You can opt for a high-quality aftermarket product with awesome designs such as Black Rhino wheels.

Just like what is mentioned earlier, knowing the specific use for the truck is explicitly very crucial. Having the right wheels and tires on your pickup can improve its performance. Just be cautious when selecting what rims and tires to purchase because having the wrong ones on your truck can lead to problems. Worn, damaged, and inappropriately sized tires decrease safety and very dangerous to use.

Tires are one of the most important components of your vehicle so it is important to know a few basics that will ease the tire selection process. You can base what type of tires and wheels you should get for the truck by determining different factors. You should know the appropriate fitment details, as well as the driving and road condition the truck is usually driven.

If the truck is used for daily driving, there are wheel and tire types that can be used for highway and city driving. You can find a lot of design options for street rims that are made with forged and cast alloy. As for tires, you can fit summer or all-season tires with your aftermarket rims. For truck owners who love the outdoors and mostly do off-roading, all-terrain and mud-terrain tires are great choices. For off-road rims, steel and forged alloy are what you can choose from.

It can be a daunting task for first-time buyers as there are so many options to keep in mind when buying truck wheels and tires. To help you find the right wheel and tire packagesmeant for your truck, 4WheelOnline has a configuration tool that helps in searching for the best selections. It gives a list of wheel and tire products that fits the vehicle’s make, model, and year.

Floor Mats

Floor mats are another useful gift for truck enthusiasts. Quality floor mats are a necessity because it helps in keeping the truck’s interior flooring clean. All-weather, heavy-duty floor mats protect the carpet of the truck’s cab flooring from water, snow, mud, and other debris. It is made of rubber that is water-resistant and durable.

The floor mats protect the floor against unpleasant stains that can harm the appearance and value of the vehicle. For truck owners who usually drive their kids to and from school, floor mats are great to use. It will stop spilled liquids like juice and sodas, as well as mishandled snacks from staining the carpet. The sticky liquids and on-the-go meals can ruin the carpet and become permanent stains on the floorboards

It effectively traps water, mud, road salt, and sand before it gets ground into the truck’s flooring. This can also prevent other sticky stuff that might get on your shoes such as gum. It can damage the flooring when the gum transfers and dries into it. Other particles that can catch a ride on the shoes like crud, muck, and filth can also end up smearing all over the vehicle interior.

Floor mats are inexpensive compared to gifting a tonneau cover. It is cheaper but still provides year-round protection against even the most severe weather conditions. Floor mats also prevent wear, snags, and rips that are caused by foot friction.

Tonneau Covers

Another easy upgrade that can be installed in pickup trucks is the tonneau cover. It can be also called pickup bed covers or truck bed covers. The truck’s bed area is a functional space wherein you can put items and heavy load. It protects the truck’s bed from changing weather and even lowers the risk of theft.

There is a huge array of tonneau covers to choose from. Aside from various colors that can match the truck’s exterior, the tonneau covers have different types such as the following:

  • Roll-up – This type is commonly used by many truck owners as it protects the truck bed from the weather and corrosive elements. It’s a great choice if you want a cover that won’t give you a hard time fitting tall or oversized items onto the bed of the truck. It is created with an easy-lock design that fits perfectly to the bed of the truck. It is easy to install without the need of drilling it. The soft roll-up can be made of canvas, polyester, or vinyl. The hard roll-up is made of aluminum slats that are attached to the waterproof fabric.
  • Folding – This protects the load from the elements while still getting virtually instant access to your entire bed. This type is available in bi-fold or trifold. It is also available in soft or hard construction made of fabric or metal materials.
  • Snap – It is easy to install this type of tonneau cover due to its snapping locks. It is also available in soft or hard materials.
  • Retractable – This truck bed cover has an innovative design that comes with its lock-and-key to secure the cargo bed. This customizable truck bed protection has lockable opening and closing points that are attached along the bed rails to accommodate a wide range of larger items. It is available in several finishes and made of durable material.
  • One-piece solid – It is designed using advanced shock technology and can be opened single-handedly. This cover is made of durable materials with hinges that can be locked for enhanced protection to the bed area. It is available in different styles for both soft and hard construction.

Aside from the wide variety of pickup bed covers to choose from, you can also find a pickup bed cover with a built-in storage box. Before investing in this gift, make sure that the pickup bed cover matches with the right bed length.

Tonneau covers shield the bed area from ultraviolet (UV) rays and rainwater can lead to corrosion that can damage the flooring of the bed. This truck accessory acts as outer protection to block off dust and other particles in the rear cargo space. It also adds style to the overall look of your truck.

This is also a very useful accessory if you go to the malls or shop for groceries. If the truck is parked in retail parking lots, the tonneau cover protects the stuff you put in the bed when you are out and about.

Truck Bed Organizers, Toolboxes, and Storage

Do not forget to check out other truck bed accessories that you can install with the tonneau covers. Even if you already have a pickup bed cover on your truck, you can still add more functionality to it.

Another thing you will need for your truck bed is storage solution. For those who are planning to give truck accessories to truck lovers, the bed organizers and toolboxes are some great stuff that will add storage solutions to the vehicle. It will also help in organizing the items, especially if the truck is used for business purposes.

There are truck bed organizers designed with drawers and additional storage spaces that run throughout the length of the truck’s bed. Other designs have storage boxes that use the space behind the wheel wells. It is great for holding lightweight gears and even some beers if you’re into such things.

Truck racks are also a nice storage space solution you can install in the rear area of the truck. It can be easily installed using clamps with no drilling required. It is also designed with Integrated grab handles, so you can get in and out of the truck bed easily.

Other truck bed organizer options have trays that are mounted onto a rack system attached to the truck’s bed. It slides out the back end of the truck bed, making loading and unloading easy. A nice luggage cargo bag can be installed on the truck bed without hassle.

You can also opt for storage accessories that can be attached to the cab of the truck. Under-seat storage boxes are great if you want to organize the stuff you usually put inside the truck’s cab.

Truck Bed Tent

For truck owners who absolutely love the outdoors and camping, a truck bed tent is a perfect gift. This auto accessory can turn the pickup truck into a portable campground. 

As the name suggests, the truck bed tent is installed in the empty bed of the truck. It is easy to see the benefit of this truck accessory because just like conventional tents, it allows the campers to sleep on the bed of the truck. It has a similar structure to that of a ground tent but varies in shape and size. It is a nice item to use, especially for weekend camping trips.

This protects the user from animals and insects. The truck bed tent is designed to have plenty of interior space which provides a roomy sleeping area. This also provides added protection from the actual truck bed. It gives shade or an area to keep dry while it rains.

Finding the perfect gift

Pickup trucks are extremely functional because they are capable of many things that sedans and sports cars cannot do. Whether it is used for moving a neighbor’s couch, pulling another truck out of the mud, hauling a trailer, and other things that these huge vehicles can do.

The new year is just around the corner. These gift ideas are a nice way to pay back your beloved truck owners for all they do to help others. You can find these awesome gift ideas from 4WheelOnline.

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