Top ATV Accessories

All-Terrain Vehicles or ATV is great for off-road. Unlike motorcycles with just two wheels and tires, ATVs are built with extra wheels to give more stability at slower speeds. Riding it has become a fun popular recreational activity. Many outdoor parks and recreational facilities offer ATV riding.

This motorized vehicle is great for racing fanatics, as well as those who like to have fun on off-road trails. There are several ways to modify your ATV. You can install various parts and accessories that match the season. Here’s a list of awesome ATV accessories you need to get.


Wearing a helmet can save your life, so it is the first item on the list. This accessory is an effective means of preventing head injuries when accidents happen during ATV riding. We get it that riding this vehicle is such a fun activity, but some hazards come with it.

Safety is a priority for ATV riders. This vehicle is especially dangerous when used by children and teens. Aside from the adult supervision to operate the ATV safely, they must wear protective gears when riding. The adults who often engage in ATV riding must also wear it.

Wearing a helmet when riding an ATV reduces the risk of death by 42 per cent. When riding on trails, wearing a helmet protects you from a serious head injury that may result in death or permanent disability. This can even protect you from minor injuries if you’re just riding on your yard. Putting a helmet on your head before riding is easy to do, and you don’t have to spend a crazy amount of time just to wear it.

A helmet is a required piece of equipment for all ATV riders and passengers. Choose from different types such as full-face, open-face, and off-road helmets.

ATV Storage

You might have noticed that storage space is very limited in ATVs. Don’t worry, you can get storage bags and boxes to solve that problem. Install a rear storage box to help you carry some stuff while you are riding on the trail.

It is also best to have a first aid kit to make sure you have a remedy when an emergency happens. You can store your first aid kit in an ATV bag or box. With that, you’re ready in case you got a minor injury during the activity.

Choose a dust-proof and water-proof ATV bags that are good to use for any season. Whether you have a sport or utility ATV, it’s good to have extra room to store the things you’ll need. Storage bags provide you with more space for your other accessories or equipment when traveling. Aside from its functionality, it adds beauty to your ATV.

Basic Tools and Tire Repair Kits

If you’re riding in summer, winter, or any season—you must carry your basic tools with you. Make sure that you don’t forget to bring some tools you will need for easy fix or maintenance, especially if you’re going on ATV riding on trails.

Tools like low-pressure gauge and torque wrench are what you can place on your ATV storage bag. You will also need to bring a tire repair kit since it’s hard to carry a spare tire on ATVs. The tire kit will surely be helpful if you get flat while riding on the trail.

LED Lights

Lights are an integral part of your all-terrain vehicle for safety precaution on dark roads and dim terrains. When you ride on the trails during night-time, your ATV requires the best lighting solutions for increased visibility.

Installing LED lights for your vehicle is a nice add-on because it provides more light without using too much power that drains the battery. It gives a brighter view and helps you see much farther down the trail.

Adding a light bar on the front or along the top of your ATV provides better visibility. It is available in different color tones or Kelvin ratings. This is also one of the affordable yet very useful ATV accessories you can purchase.

Tie-Down Straps

Before you reach an ATV recreational facility or outdoor park, you will have to haul your ATV on a truck or a trailer. You will want to invest in a good set of tie-down straps to keep your ATV from moving while you’re transporting it.

This accessory is also known as ratchet straps. It is designed with a durable webbing that is weather-resistant and non-abrasive. It helps to keep the ATV securely tightened without sustaining any damage and lets you haul it even in any weather condition.

Make sure to get a quality tie-down strap and keep away from cheap ones because it isn’t strong enough to hold your ATV.

Riding Gloves

You may have noticed that most motorcycle riders use gloves when riding their bike. The gloves provide a safe and tight grip on the handle bar. People might lose their grip on the handle bar due to sweaty palms. For ATV riding, wearing riding gloves is also important, especially if you’re racing or just enjoying the trails.

Without the gloves, your hands will have blisters. This also protects your hands in case you need to push away branches and other stuff out of the way when riding. Better to choose a set of gloves designed for ATV riding. Gloves with padded knuckles will protect your hands from injury. Most gloves are made with materials that ensures a tight and stable grip to the handle bars. It can also protect you from a loose strand that can cut you when you are using the winch cable.

During the winter months, the gloves can keep your hands warm because it is made with heat pad insert pockets. It provides insulation that makes riding more comfortable. The gloves also provide specialized protection for off-road riding so you can keep your clean from dirt and mud.

ATV Plows

You can install a plow to your ATV to help you clear the path or for yard maintenance. During winter, plows can help you to quickly clear the areas covered in snow. During autumn, a lot of leaves, twigs, and other debris from trees make a mess to your yard. Using the plow allows you to move the piles of leaves for easier disposal.

The ATV plows can help you to remove a heap of mulch or soil, which is great if you’re doing a bit of landscaping or gardening. It also has forklift capabilities which allow you to lift and move light items. ATV plows come in 3 different types such as straight blade, V-blade, and lift system.

ATV Winch

For people who love riding on the trails, half of the fun is getting stuck on the mud or any part of the trail. No need to wallow and stay trapped because an ATV winch can help you get out. This accessory can even be used in other purposes and any season. Here’s how:

  • Control on steep descents or climbs — You can use your winch as an anchor to remain in control of the ATV. Use it as support by attaching the winch to a solid object on top of the hill if you want to go either up or down.
  • Hauling — By using the winch, you will have no problems dragging the tree logs from where you cut them.
  • Pulling/Pushing —When you want to remove old fence posts, you can use the winch for that. It can also be used for tensioning the new fence line and make the job a million times easier.
  • Operate snow plow — Planning to use the ATV to remove the snow on your yard? Although you can use the plow blade manually, it will soon become tiresome to do it often. Just use the winch when you plan to install a snow plow, so it won’t be a hassle to raise and lower the plow blade. Do this by attaching the winch cable to the plow frame.
  • Hoist — Use the winch to hang the animal you’ve hunted. This is a nice way to carry it out of the woods.
  • Retrieve — You don’t have to pull the prey by hand. Use your ATV winch so you can easily pull the animal you need to retrieve from cliffs or even in the complicated areas of the woods.
  • Straighten bent farming implement — The ATV winch can greatly help in straightening bent farming implement or pulling a dent.

Loading Ramps

An all-terrain vehicle can weigh more than a thousand pounds. Hauling it in the bed of your truck can be overly dangerous. To minimize this type of danger, you will need to use the necessary tools or equipment. It can also be challenging to move your rig so you will need ramps to get it in and out.

The loading ramps have immensely revolutionized the ATV market. It provides a safer, easier, and more efficient way to transport your powersport vehicle and gears from one location to another. For those who frequently transport their ATV for trip or work, the ramp is needed to safely move it onto the bed of the truck. It is intended for faster loading and unloading. This can also help you to move oversized load out of the truck’s bed. The tie-down straps work well with the loading ramps because it will prevent the ATV from sliding out.

You can choose from aluminum or alloy-made ramps. Some people build DIY ramps using wood, but it isn’t as reliable as the aluminum and alloy loading ramps. It can be folded, making it portable and easy to manage.

Grips and Hand Guards

You can customize the handle bar of your ATV so it doesn’t have to look plain and boring.

The grips cushion your hands against vibrations, as well as protects the handle bars from moisture, sweat, dirt, and other elements. It is easy to install and comes in different colors and types. Grips with closed ends are designed to keep the dirt away and protect the handle bars. The heated type gives warmth as you ride during winter or cold weather.

The hand guards are attached to the handle bars to further protect your hands from debris or branches. This can also repel mud that may get to the grips, so your hand won’t slip off.

Must-have ATV accessories

If you are looking to buy the suggested ATV accessories, you can find a wide array of products available at 4Wheelonline.

All-terrain vehicles are not only meant for outdoor enjoyment but also for its utmost functionality. Your ATV is capable of so much more and you can get a lot of cool stuff to upgrade it!

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