Car Care Tips During the Quarantine Period

The quarantine period has been rough for everyone, especially for those who enjoy the daily drive from home to work. It’s not about the prospect of going to your job to make a living, but rather, the unrivaled feeling of being the man at the wheel, stepping on the gas, and feeling the breeze on your hair, riding all the way to your destination. Indeed, for those who own a car, it’s a complete bummer to miss out on all the fun, but just because the fun has stopped (temporarily) doesn’t mean that you should stop caring for your ride as well. Utmost attention should be given to a car, even when it’s not being used as often.

With that in mind, here are a few tips (and tricks) with regards to car care and maintenance during the quarantine period.

As Good As New

Before locking your car in the garage, make sure to clean it first. Cleaning the exterior will maintain and protect the paint job, while cleaning the interior would prevent any possible mold or odor build up, which may attract any lurking pest and rodent from the garage itself.

Just Like Sunscreen

If you only happen to have an open-area parking space rather than a personal garage then you may have to get a sunshade. Setting this up would protect the steering wheel and the dashboard from the heat of the sun.

Fill ‘Er Up!

Due to the rampant pandemic, you might find yourself not being able to use the car for a few weeks. In such cases, make sure to gas up, full tank. There is a good reason for doing this too; it prevents any condensation from building up inside the tank and it also prevents gas fumes from accumulating to dangerous amounts.

Frequent Change

You may need to check and change your oil while the car sits in your garage for quite a while. As simple as it may sound, you actually have to be careful in doing this, unless you want to damage any part of your engine. You have your owner’s manual and countless YouTube videos to help you out. When in doubt, contact your most-trusted mechanic to do it for you.

Jump Start

Even if the quarantine prohibits you from driving out, you can still keep your car battery charged by starting your car at least once a week. You don’t even have to drive it out of the garage, just start it up for a few minutes. If your local quarantine, however, allows you to drive out for groceries, then by all means, do it with your ride. Be alert and make sure to keep your ears open for any unusual sound from the engine.
Now, obviously, there are far more helpful car care tips out there which would help maintain your ride in its top condition. If you’re unsure of where to look, then look no further than 4WheelOnline. Aside from being THE major destination for all automotive, truck, and power sports products, they also excel in their after sales, offering tips and helpful advice when it comes to all-out car care. Trust us, they’re the real deal!

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