New Jeep Wrangler JL Updates PLUS BRONCO LEAKS!

There’s a TON of info about the 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL that’s surfaced since our last video, plus there’s a pretty significant update on the 2020 Bronco! Watch More –

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It’s been a minute since we updated all you Jeep fans out there on the newest JL rumors and spy shots. Lucky for you, we’ve got all sorts of new updates. We also have news on the new Bronco, which may actually turn out to be a true wrangler competitor!

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So let’s start with the Bronco. Gear spoke with a Ford engineer who leaked details on the highly anticipated SUV. One of the biggest takeaways from this article is that it will be “comparable [to the Wrangler] in every way except rock crawling.” Our guess is that the independent front suspension of the Ranger frame is the biggest limiting factor there.

The source also said the JKU was used as a benchmark vehicle, and that they’re in their 3rd design phase because it looks so similar to a Wrangler, *there’s usually only one design phase. He also said inspiration is coming from the Ford Troller, a Brazilian vehicle that looks like a weird mix of a wrangler and hummer h3. We can only hope it looks somewhat close to the renderings from Bronco that everyone’s been sharing.

And finally, he says it will have a 325hp, 2.7L ecoboost v6 similar to the ford fusion. Not bad, that seems like a solid choice.

Now, we’ve got a TON of new information about the soon to be released Jeep JL. First things first, it’s expected to be revealed at the 2017 LA Auto Show in November. That’s only… *counts on fingers* august, september, october, november… four months away!

Spy shots show new LED taillights that are hourglass shaped and appear to be a spiritual successor to the controversial renegade tail lights. However, incandescent lights were spotted a few days later with a more standard look, potentially for the european market since it has amber turn signals.

Before we get into the seriously cool information, we have one piece of disappointing news, the 2 door model will not have the Sahara trim option. This could be because the Sahara trim is the high end luxury trim, and the buyers would be more likely to buy the 4 door over the 2 door.

We’ve spoken about the possible engine options the JL will have in previous videos, but another diesel mule was spotted! There’s not much in the way of specs yet, but a similar 3.0L v6 in the Grand Cherokee makes 240hp and 420 lb-ft of torque.

Probably the most interesting pieces of info come from spy shots of a JL body shell. This gave us a glimpse at the new metal hood latches which not only look cool, but are also a huge upgrade from the JK’s rubber latches and should prevent any hood flutter.

These spy photos also show more detail of the fender flares than ever before. We get a clear look at the light strip, which seems to be fairly controversial.

Although even more interesting than that is that we can see a two piece flare design. If you look closely there’s a bit of painted fender flare with a shape reminiscent of the stock JK flares. Even more interesting is that there’s black plastic under the light strip and a bulge down the side of the flare.

Which are you more excited for? The Bronco or the JL? Let us know in the comments and let everyone know what you hope to see from the new vehicles. Until next time, I’m Ken with 4 Wheel Online and you’ve just been refreshed.

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