Is Honda’s Pickup Truck Really Beating Ford at Its Own Game?

Bloomberg thinks the Honda Ridgeline could be better than an F-150 because of its sales numbers and growth. We looked over the sales numbers and decided this article doesn’t stand up to scrutiny.

Bloomberg Article:

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Short answer: No. But stick around to find out why Bloomberg just published an article titled “Honda’s Pickup Truck Is Beating Ford at Its Own Game”

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Now I know most of our viewers don’t consider the Honda Ridgeline to be a real truck,
but in just twelve short months the Ridgeline has gained 10% of the midsize truck market.

Ok, so some of you don’t consider any midsize truck a real truck, but just stick with us here. Even Honda’s American general manager says, “We didn’t want to try to out-tough the tough guys,”

Despite that, Bloomberg recently published an article saying that Honda is beating Ford at its own game, but just how true is that?

The gist of this article is that if you make a good truck, AKA the Honda Ridgeline, you’re pretty much guaranteed sales. In fact, that’s the second sentence.

“Just make some trucks, and Americans will buy them—lots of them.”

But their conclusions that Honda is beating Ford seem a little off to us. Since 2009 Honda has never sold more than 20,000 trucks in one year. However in 2016, the new truck was for available for only six months and Honda sold 23,667 Ridgelines. They would have sold more but the Ridgeline’s welding plant is operating at full capacity.

So yeah, overall the Ridgeline is doing very well for Honda and the general public seems to like them. But the sales only represent 10% of the overall midsize truck market, which itself only accounts for 17% of all truck sales in 2016.

Ford, on the other hand has a 30% share of the entire truck market without a single mid size truck. The idea that Honda is beating Ford in any way, even in the midsize truck market, just feels a little disingenuous.

In it’s last year of production, the Ford Ranger sold over 70,000 trucks. So when the Ford Ranger goes on sale in 2019 we fully expect it to outpace the Ridgeline.

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