SPY SHOTS! Next Gen Ram 1500, 2018 Jeep JL, & 2019 Ranger… Raptor?!?

With all the camouflaged trucks that have been photographed recently, we decided to get you up to date on the latest developments. Find out what’s new in this video. Watch More – https://goo.gl/zYYvJF

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There are SO many new vehicles we’re excited for right now! Some new spy shots have been released of the next gen Ram 1500, the Jeep JL, and here’s something we didn’t expect: A Ford Ranger… Raptor?

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Let’s get right into it with the Ram 1500 spyshots. Last year there were some photos going around of a megacab 1500 with a different tailgate. New spy shots have Automotive News expecting a longer wheelbase and a split tailgate that can open like van doors. It’s also expected to keep a steel body.

The split tailgate is still a rumor and is entirely covered up in the spy shots. With the ongoing truck wars, manufacturers are looking for any way to differentiate themselves from the competition.

From the recent and previous spy shots it seems clear that the new 1500 will have a megacab option.

Auto News say that the truck will debut at the Detroit Auto Show next year.

Moving on the the JL, there’s a few new photos showing two door JLs with soft tops.

One of the most interesting things we can see from these photos is a painted roll bar. This next Wrangler seems like it keeps getting more luxurious.

And then we have some spy shots of something we didn’t even expect, a new Ford Ranger performance model that the internet is calling the Ranger Raptor.

Underneath the grille screen we can just barely make out a raptor style FORD styled in the grille.

The photos also show an independent front suspension, as expected, and appears to be running on the same BFG KO2 tires as the Raptor.

Which of these vehicles are you most excited for? Vote in our poll right here and then tell us why in the comments.

Until next time, I’m Ken, with 4 Wheel Online and you’ve just been refreshed.

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