Here’s How Dodge Is Preventing Huge Dealer Markups for the Demon

Dodge has a unique approach to preventing huge dealer markups for the Dodge Demon. Find out how they plan to do it in this video. | Watch More –


Everyone loves to argue and debate about why their brand or favorite car is the best, but there’s one thing that we can all agree on.


Dealer markups SUCK!


Dodge doesn’t want a repeat of the $150,000 hellcat markup fiasco, so here’s what they’re going to do about it.


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One of people’s biggest concerns with the Dodge Demon wasn’t just whether or not they are being truthful in their claims, but that the dealerships would markup the price like they did with the hellcat.


Luckily, Dodge have plan to prevent insane dealer markups.


They’ve learned a lot from their experience with the Hellcats, and they’re using this knowledge to make the Demon roll out as best as possible for potential new owners.


Recently, vehicles like the Raptor, Focus RS, and Civic Type R have had markups of $20,000 or more over MSRP.


Now, Dodge’s plan definitely won’t stop dealers from charging more, but it will be a huge deterrent for buyers paying a markup.


For a dealer to be eligible to order a Demon at all, they must have sold at least one Hellcat in the flast year. And overall allocation depends on how many Hellcats and plain jane Challenger and Chargers they’ve sold.


Dealer’s are also only allowed to sell the number they’re allocated and nothing more. Back in 2015 one dealership placed over 200 orders for Hellcats for people around the country. That definitely won’t be happening with the Demon.


So this is where things start to get real interesting. Serial numbers and delivery dates will depend on how much you paid.

Pay below MSRP and you’ll get a lower serial number and earlier delivery. Pay above MSRP and you’ll have to wait in the back of the line.


So that means if you pay the $85,000 MSRP, you may get a low serial number, but if you pay $105,000 you may get Demon # 3000.


What do you think? Does the policy hurt customers or dealers? Does this even change anything? Let us know in the comments below. Until next time, I’m Ken with 4 Wheel Online and you’ve just been refreshed.

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