The Grappler Police Bumper can stop police chases in seconds

Police chases can be exciting to watch on TV and in the movies, but they can lead to very deadly conclusions for the officers, bystanders, and the fleeing suspects. Don’t forget about the amount of damage that is caused when these chases end, and the amount of time and resources the police have to dedicate to stopping them. A Peoria, Arizona man has invented a device that could be used to stop a high-speed pursuit in a quicker and safer way.

Leonard Stock started researching and developing his “Grappler Police Bumper” eight years ago after watching a TV show on high speed chases one night. “The conclusion of one of the chases was an innocent motorist getting T-boned, and so I went to sleep that night just so aggravated that this was happening. And I just woke up at 3:00 in the morning just suddenly and this was the first thought I had.” His invention uses a heavy-duty nylon net that is lowered from the front of the pursuing police vehicle. The net snags one of the rear tires of the suspect vehicle and wraps around the axle, bringing the vehicle to a stop within seconds.

“The options right now are getting in front of a suspect vehicle to deploy tire spikes or using the pit maneuver or some type of smash up derby style process to stop a vehicle and the officer many times is pinned against a suspect vehicle.” With the Grappler, officers won’t have to force a collision anymore, leading to less chance of injury. The President of the Peoria Officers Association absolutely loves the concept and believes it would be a huge advantage for law enforcement.

Do you see any flaws in the Grappler?

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