Mercedes-Benz X Class: The Most Unnecessary Pickup Truck Ever Made?

X-Class trucks from Mercedes-Benz have had everyone talking. “Powerful Adventurer” and “Stylish Explorer” are the names for the two concepts. Are the trucks just as ridiculous as the names?

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What is that? Is that a truck? Is that… Would ya look at that? Just look… Just look at that!


Look at it.


Mercedes unveiled it’s latest new product to the world this week, the Mercedes-Benz X-Class.


There’s a lot of hype surrounding this pickup truck, but is it deserved? Let’s take a look into what may be the most unnecessary pickup ever made.


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We knew it’d be based on the Nissan Navara’s platform, but until now we had no idea what it actually looked like. Would it look good? Would it be functional? Would it just be some overpriced junk?


Well, decide for yourself.


So here’s everything we know about the X-Class. These are concepts but the final production truck will be a mix of the two. The white one is called “Stylish Explorer” and the green one is called “Powerful Adventurer”


Stylish Explorer features… well… it’s a truck. It’s got an interesting looking tail light setup and a tonneau cover. The interior is very Mercedes-Benz, super nice and very well made. Exactly what you’d expect.


Powerful Adventurer is pretty similar, though it’s got a different tail gate that looks pretty cool. It’s got 35×11.50 Silverstone MT-117 Extreme tires and, get this, the wimpiest looking front and rear winches.


They didn’t provide info on the things that we really care about, like engine specs, suspension or cost, but they do provide a lot of information in the press release about “emotion”


No, seriously, this is a real quote from the 10 page press release.


“Depending on the angle of the incoming light, the paintwork developed specifically for this concept car lends the urban pickup a look that gives the athletic profile even more emotional appeal.”


And here’s another, “An electric winch at the front and a metal hook at the rear are further indications of the toughness and power of the future pickup.”


Except it just makes it look like any other mall crawler.


Now, there’s a lot that can be said about these trucks. They’re an indication of where the truck market is going and what we can expect from the industry going forward. These trucks are flashy and will definitely be expensive.


They’re one ton trucks, though they aren’t workhorses, Who’s going to risk scratching the paint on a truck that could cost well over $80,000?


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