Thieves steal wheels from 48 cars at Chevrolet dealership

It took just four hours for a group of thieves to steal wheels and tires, worth up to $250,000, from a dealership in Tyler, Texas. The Peltier Chevrolet dealership discovered the morning of 8/21/16 that 48 cars in their lot were left on blocks. Security cameras captured the thieves pulling up in a van, knocking out the spotlights illuminating the lot, and cutting the locks off the dealer’s gate.

The thieves left lug nuts all over the yard and several cars may have been damaged by their handiwork. The Peltier dealership has already contacted their insurance company and is replacing the wheels and tires on those vehicles.

Wheel and tire theft is growing in frequency across the country. It is a major inconvenience for any auto owner to deal with. There are ways to discourage a thief from attempting to steal your wheals with the use of locking lug nuts and or hub caps, but a determined thief will find a way. Locking lug adapter kits are easy to buy online anyway.  What are some things you do to protect your ride?

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