The Nikola Zero, an all-electric side-by-side, is only a month away!

The promising electric startup, Nikola Motor Company, came out of the woodwork not too long ago to reveal that they had designed a fully electric Semi-Truck, the Nikola One, and 4-seater UTV, the Nikola Zero. So far, Nikola only has a specsheet and some 3D model renderings to present these two vehicles. But on September 16, at the Sand Sports Super Show in Costa Mesa, California, we should be getting a demonstration of the instant torque and amazing horsepower from the Nikola Zero UTV that they’ve been advertising. We can’t wait!

The Nikola Zero offers 520 horsepower, 476 FT.LBS of torque, and goes from 0 to 60 in just 3 seconds. This thing is just begging to go fast. All of this power is possible because each wheel will have its own electric motor, delivering instant response, better performance, and incredible stopping power. The Nikola Zero can also control all four wheels separately, allowing it to corner 3x faster than any other UTV available.

Nikola promises that their electric powertrains offer better safety advantages over gasoline including a lower center of gravity, no fuel to catch on fire, and no harmful pollution. They’re even adding front and rear facing cameras with two 7″ displays and one 10″ display to give drivers much greater visibility for backing up, rock crawling, etc.

They also boast that the Zero will have a 150 mile range on one full charge, which should give it as much operating time as a gas operated side-by-side. It also comes with a 360 aH 12V battery, which is recharged by solar panels on the roof, to power all 12V accessories, the lights, and cameras. The Zero is also supposed to be entirely water proof. Even though they don’t recommend trying it, Nikola claims you can submerge your UTV and drive right on out.

All of that sounds way too good to be true, so we’re a bit leery. Nikola doesn’t even have photos of a prototype yet to prove that it’s not vaporware. Don’t get us wrong, we do hope this is real and that Nikola just wants to have a grandiose exhibition. One thing we don’t like, but is a necessary evil, is the $37,000 price tag. But with all of the bells and whistles that this thing offers, a high price was expected.

We’ll have to wait a whole month until we get to see this in action. Tell us, do you think they’ll deliver on all that they’re promising?

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