News Refresh: Dieselgate, Ford GTs, Brexits, Top Gears, Jeep Gears and Milk Runs.

Here’s all the things that happened this week in automotive news.


Find the Milk Run Video here:


Dieselgate resolutions, Brexits, Ford GTs, Top Gears, Jeep Gears and a milk run unlike any other, in this week’s news refresh.


Hey guys, Ken here with 4wheelOnline.


First up is the resolution to Dieselgate. Volkswagen owners have two options: Sell the car back to VW or receive a cash payment.

Cash Payments start at a minimum of $5,100 up to nearly $10,000. People opting for the buyback will receive the value of the car plus the cash payment.

I’d probably go with the buyback and use the money to grab Ford’s latest limited edition 2017 GT.


This new version pays homage to winning car of the 1966 Le Mans with a Shadow Black exterior in gloss or matte finish, silver racing stripes and exposed carbon fiber. It also sports satin gold wheels with black lugnuts, for that finishing touch.


This car is absolutely gorgeous.


After years of struggling, Top Gear is being cancelled. That’s right, no more Top Gear USA. (You didn’t think the BBC would cancel Top Gear UK, did you? Not yet.)


And, just being honest here, I totally forgot it even existed. With Top Gear UK’s new line up, we may soon forget that existed, too.


Speaking of the UK, one of the biggest stories around the work right now is the Brexit.


There’s been countless stories about how the UK’s vote to leave the European Union will affect different industries. The good news is that it seems that there will be little effect to the US automotive industry.

Sure, analysts predict a downturn in vehicle sales in the entire EU and it’s going to be a huge headache for any company that sells vehicles in Europe. But overall, there’s nothing we have heard that will affect us or our trucks here in the USA.


Spyshots of the new Jeep JL Wrangler just keep coming and coming and the rumors just get more interesting.


New photos show a manual 6 speed transmission in a 2 door model without much hiding the body and…. It looks pretty standard.


Get it? Standard? Shifter? Standard shifter? JL? ok…

One JLWranglerforum member speculated that it could be the same transmission as the GT350.

This new jeep is getting more interesting every day.


And for our final story, Nitto brings us a sick new video featuring King of the Hammers winner Loren Healy.


The video shows off what we hope is his everyday routine of bursting out of his garage, speeding through the desert, racing vipers, buying his half gallon of milk and speeding right back home.


You can find that video right here and down in the video’s description.


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I’m Ken, with 4WheelOnline and you’ve just been refreshed.


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