Texan Driver cleverly clears the left lane on highway

Have you ever been caught behind a driver that just never leaves the left lane? This driver from Texas was in that situation. We applaud him for how calm he was when suggesting the van change lanes.

In 38 states, slow drivers are punished for staying in the left lane on highways. Keeping the left lane open for passing reduces the chance for accidents by keeping traffic flowing smoothly. Smoother traffic means less cars constantly changing lanes to get ahead and less road rage, which makes for a better driving experience for all. Do you agree with ticketing slow drivers for sticking in the left lane?

3 thoughts on “Texan Driver cleverly clears the left lane on highway

  1. Great topic!

    I’ve posted a link to your blog on my group page on Facebook Altered Elevation and have members across the country reading and comments. Good article and thanks for the discussion.


  2. That is a good idea but sometimes many people including me trying to avoid situations when the other driver get mad for call him. But anyway is good to share this because the Jeep driver as well as the van driver were very concious and polite to eachother. I hope all drivers follow this example for the wellbeen of the drivers around. Thank you to share this video.


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