GM Deceiving Consumers on MPG for Nearly Ten Years?

Three of GM’s SUVs have had their MPG dropped to match their true mileage.

Watch our video for the details, and let us know what you think of how GM has handled this in the comments.



Hey guys, Ken here, from 4WheelOnline with another news refresh.


Here’s a list of vehicles you can’t buy this week: The Buick Enclave, The Chevy Traverse, and The GMC Acadia.


It’s time for Tracking The Shitstorm Part 2: GM Edition.


While not as big of a shitstorm as the one Volkswagen brought on itself, General Motors has become it’s own party pooper.


GM’s Lambda platform vehicle sales were discontinued this week due to issues with the miles per gallon on the posted window sticker.


Dealers received a memo stating that there was an “inadvertent error” on the stickers, affecting 60,000 vehicles on the lots, and 80,000 vehicles already sold this year. A GM spokesman said that a “data transmission” issue was at fault.


The stickers overstated the fuel economy by 2 miles per gallon. And while that may not seem like a lot, it’s actually a 10 percent difference, which is pretty big in our book.


The EPA estimates that this will cost owners a thousand dollars over five years.

When spending upwards of thirty thousand dollars consumers trust that an auto makers is going to be truthful about their products.

I guess it could be worse, though. At least they aren’t faking the engine noise like these guys..


When Hyundai had a similar problem they gave owners prepaid debit cards to make them whole.


So what is GM doing to compensate the owners? So far we have no idea.

By the time you’re watching this, the stickers have already been replaced, and the vehicles are back  on the lot. But there may be more to this than meets the eye.


A Consumer Reports article says that there could be a potential **2 million**  affected vehicles.


GM says that “…no other models or model years were affected.” But isn’t it weird that this year’s and last year’s models had the same mileage? Especially when the numbers have been identical for years.


Yeah, that’s weird.

It’s pretty damn unlikely that GM made major changes to the powertrain on a platform that’s 10 years old. GM declined to give any information about any changes made, so all we’ve got is a hunch.


News is always evolving, and of course, the day after filming this video there’s a significant update.


GM is now blaming a change to the pollution control hardware for the mileage drop.


But the internet is calling bullshit. No one can point out any reason why GM would have to change out the hardware, EPA standards haven’t even changed recently. Plus, the platform’s mile per gallon numbers have been the same for the past 10 years.


This sounds like PR trying to save face but instead tripping over their feet and slamming it into the mud.


Turns out a total of one hundred seventy thousand 2016 models were sold and a class action lawsuit in the works right now, so if you’re an owner you should definitely hop on that.


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Until next time, I’m Ken, with 4WheelOnline, and you’ve just been refreshed.

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