Some Think We Are In a Truck Sales Bubble: Pickups Out, Teslas in?

Some analysts think truck sales are about to reach their peak.

We think trucks are here to stay, but with more Tesla electric vehicles on the road, is it only a matter of time before trucks go the way of the dodo?

Let us know what you think in the comments!




Bubbles are great, even a grown man can have some fun with a bottle of bubbles.


Wait, we’re talking about the other kind of bubbles?


Those kinds of bubbles are bad, people and companies lose tons of money when sales numbers drop through the floor. And with truck sales rising steadily, are they the next bubble to burst?


Ken here, with another News Refresh.


Truck sales are going up and the Big Three are ramping up truck production.


But some analysts thinks that the truck sales boom is about to burst. posted an article where some analysts said that the big three’s decision to increase production will be their own downfall. They believe that we’re approaching the top of the bubble, and that it’s only a matter of time before truck sales fall.


The analysts also believe that the increased production costs of building more trucks may “erode” profits. And they’re not wrong here, building more trucks means spending more on truck parts. Obviously. But, that’s just how business works.


And don’t you  think the Big Three have been around long enough to know that too?


The analysts think that at some point, they’ll be building more trucks than the market wants, but truck sales are up, and we think they’re going to stay up.  


Yeah, some people have dumped their trucks for more fuel efficient vehicles when the economy crashed and gas prices went up. But Even if gas prices go back up we’re in a completely different world now.


In 2008 a standard pickup truck made 18 miles per gallon on average. In just 8 years average miles per gallon has gone up 30 percent!

If that keeps up we’ll have 100 mile per gallon trucks by … 2056!


I think, Somewhere in there.


Trucks are an american tradition, and we know they’re here to stay no matter what.


Now, do you think Truck sales are in a bubble? You can click right here to vote in our poll.


Interestingly enough, all of this comes shortly after Elon Musk and Tesla announced plans to ramp up production to five hundred thousand electric vehicles in 2018.

That’s a lofty goal, especially when Tesla’s output for this year will only be about Ninety Thousand.


And only time will tell if Elon Musk’s cars can take over the world, but for now, we’ll stick with our trucks.


So, do you think the analysts are right about truck sales dropping? And do you think trucks sales will stay up with the rise of electric vehicles? Let us know in the comments below.


I’m Ken, with 4 Wheel Online and you’ve just been refreshed.

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