Does Ford’s new Raptor video make you want a 6 cylinder?

When Ford said the new Raptor would have a V6 EcoBoost engine; the initial reaction was mixed. On one hand we will definitely miss the old V8s deep grunt. On the other hand Ford says the turbocharged 6 cylinder will have more power than the outgoing V8, and we all like more power. But will we like the new sound too?

You be the judge :

The new Raptor ripping through the Mojave desert is the first of 6 videos that the Blue Oval is using to build up hype for the EcoBeast. They will be focusing on specific areas as follows :

  • Video 1: F-150 Raptor’s jaw-dropping off-road agility and capability
  • Video 2: All-new BF Goodrich KO2 Tires
  • Video 3: Six preset driving modes that optimize F-150 Raptor’s performance for virtually every terrain
  • Video 4: Long-travel suspension that is the crown jewel of F-150 Raptor
  • Video 5: How great design enhances F-150 Raptor’s capability
  • Video 6: Ultimate off-road capability

If you want to test-drive one for yourself you’ll have to wait until they come on sale this fall.

What do you think of Ford’s first Raptor Hype video?

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