The DeLorean Will Be Making an Unexpected Return

The DeLorean parked on an empty road

We know that we’re late to the game for posting about the return of the DMC-12, so we will simply outline the developments that have been made since the word got out.

The DeLorean Motor Company is planning on producing 300 DMC-12 replicas later in 2016. These replicas will feature a combination of NOS parts and reproduced parts using original drawings and factory equipment. And they are expected to cost about $100,000.

When you consider the total number of cars that will be made, can this even be called a comeback? DMC explains that keeping production very low is what allows them to make a near perfect replica of the old DMC-12. The “Low Volume Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Act” allows them to produce a DMC-12 with all of the same safety-features, or lack thereof, that came standard with it when it was produced in 1981. The only change DMC is required to make is the use of a new, emissions certified engine.

DMC claims that they are considering “naturally aspirated and turbocharged, four-cylinder and six-cylinder” engines that should get between 270 and 350 horsepower. The engine used in the original DeLorean was rated at 130hp. They state that they’re working with a few engine suppliers, but have yet to finalize a decision.

Other changes they are making include using larger wheels and tires, modern in-car audio system, and an improved heating and cooling system. So it ultimately will not be a perfect replica of the original DeLorean, which may or may not be a good thing.

Overall, we were surprised by the announcement, mainly because we were not aware that there could be much of a demand for a new DeLorean. If you want to stay up to date on the latest updates when they arrive, you can read them as they’re posted on DMC’s Blog.

What do you think of the new DeLorean? Will it be another flop? Is the price appropriate for a car of this notoriety?

One thought on “The DeLorean Will Be Making an Unexpected Return

  1. I really think it’s going to be a flop. They should redesign the blocky front end and the rear end. More or less modernize the car. Better suspension and a nice 500+ HP power plant. Make it competitive for a 100k price tag .


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