4 Wheel Online’s Truck Gift Guide

2015 Chevy Colorado

All right, Offroaders. Last week we compiled a list of gifts for the Jeepers in your life; this week we’re going to help you prepare your 4×4 for winter, focusing on trucks. We all know we have to check the tire pressure, fluids, oil and battery when winter comes around, but smart maintenance isn’t the only thing we need keep in mind for our trucks and Jeeps.

Falken Wild Peak All Terrain TiresFirst things first: let’s make sure you and your loved ones aren’t skidding off the road (unintentionally). You could use wide and aggressive mud tires during the muddy off-road season, but with a smaller surface area they are not the best option for highway traction. Solve that rather large issue by ordering a pair of winter tires with spikes or all-terrain tires with chains for better traction while driving during the many feet of snow we get each winter. Also, start looking at getting lockers if you haven’t already. The instant traction that an air locker provides is perfect for when you lose your gripping in the ice and snow.

As we mentioned in the Jeep Guide, you’ll want to look into getting floor liners and mats – even for your truck. If you don’t mind your carpets getting wet and nasty, it’s not a priority investment. However, if keeping the interior of your truck is important,you might want to take a look at floor liners to protect your interior from the dirty snow and ice you’re sure to track in you vehicle. As an added bonus, they’re molded for any size/shape you need and offer great protection for when you’re out in the mud too.

Undercover Flex Tonneau CoverNow that we know you are safe on the roads, lets make sure your truck will still be a nice hunk of metal (as opposed to a rusted out bucket) come Spring. First investment should be a tonneau cover – keeping your bed from filling up with snow. Second addition to your truck should be fender flares – not just for the aesthetic boost, but did you know they give an added level of protection against the salt?!

Warn Zeon 12 Platinum WinchFinally, when all else fails it is good to have a winch. We recommend these all year round, not just in the winter as they give your truck and Jeep added utility all year round. It can even operate the snow plow if you decide to get one for your truck.

Did we leave anything out? What are your winter must-haves for your 4×4? Hit the comments and let us know!

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