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Congratulations! So you (or someone you love) just picked up a new Jeep and it looks like this ^^^ . Pretty sick already, right?! Well, do we have a treat for you!!! We have compiled a list of our must-have Jeep accessories and most of them can be had for just under a bill! 

The first thing a lot of new Jeepers want is a lift kit, and some new tires and wheels to go with that boost. They can be a bit pricey, so if starting out slow is your goal (and really – when isn’t it where money is concerned?) take a look at the list we have created to make your next Jeep customization go a little smoother.

Jeep Trail Mirrors

To get started, let’s take care of one of simplest add-ons around: a set of trail mirrors. Not only are they low cost and easy to install, but they allow you to legally enjoy one of the most quintessential parts of having a Wrangler… taking a ride without the doors! Woohooo!!

Another easy install is a receiver hitch so you can haul bikes, extra cargo, or tow a Jet Ski or ATV with your Jeep. It’s easy to take on and off and with that quick install, there’s a lot of utility out of the Jeep.

Bestop Jeep Under Seat Lock Box

When riding around with no top or a soft top, just leaving valuables in the car becomes a thing of the past. I mean, it doesn’t have to be… as long as you don’t mind missing a few valuables when you get in for your morning commute. A simple Bestop Under Seat Lock Box brings back some of the security of a vehicle with 4 doors and a roof, while still allowing you to enjoy the open-air while you ride.

We’ve set you up with the building blocks to your (or your loved one’s) epic build: trail mirrors so you’ll be cool without your doors, receiver hitch so you can tow your other toys, and a lock box so you can hide your valuables. Now that you’ve got the basics for this less-than-basic Jeep,  you can start customizing that bad boy with a ton of low cost accessories.

Hella Rallye 3000 compact lamp

Let’s start with upgrading the exterior lighting, with headlight and taillight guards pulling double duty: a quick aesthetic addition and safety upgrade – especially when exposed to off-road conditions. Once we have that in place, we can further enhance your lighting with some bumper or windshield lights.

Now that you can see in the dark on those shaded trails, lets make sure that you’re cool and safe while hitting those bumps and mud pits. A bikini top is a classic Jeeper’s accessory – it allows you enjoy the open air without worrying about unfortunate weather; a pair of hood latches are a simple way to improve upon the factory look and keep the hood down on the trails.

Bestop Bikini Top

Customizing the interior can be just as low-cost and easy. A set of floor liners looks more rugged than Jeep’s factory mats and does a much better job of protecting the carpet from the many elements you will come across in your offroad travels – especially if you’re driving doorless and topless (your Jeep, ya pervs! haha).

Let’s keep the interior clean by adding seat covers; bonus: you can choose a new style for your Jeep seats while protecting the factory interior (oh hello, resale value!) and adding comfort.

Cargo Management hits the sweet spot for this price point too. We’ve priced dash organizers, overhead storage consoles, trail nets, trash bags and cans low enough to not break the bank at all. This stuff makes the interior more functional and personalized.

Rugged Ridge Interior Mesh Storage Kit for 97-06 Jeep TJ & Unlimited

Finally, if you’re shopping for an older Jeep, replacing some of the decaying parts can be done at a much lower cost than other vehicles thanks to all the aftermarket support Wranglers have. New seats, carpets, visors and knobs can be picked up and installed without breaking the bank too.

Smittybilt Contour Sport Front Seat with Recliner 07-15 Wrangler JK



Alright, y’all! That’s it for our list of gear to pick up for cheap! 4 Wheel Online has some of the best prices around and we’d love the opportunity to make you a valued customer!

Let us know in the comment section if we left anything out and what your favorite Jeep customization has been!

Finished Jeep

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