SSR Motorsports Models Interview at AIMExpo 2015

SSR Motorsports Logo

My final (and hottest) interview from AIMExpo 2015 is with the beautiful models from SSR Motorsports, Victoria and Monmany.

Me: What is it like to be a motorsports model? How much fun is it? Is it ever a pain in the butt?

Victoria: I’d have to say it’s super fun. You get to travel the country. If you’re really into moto or you really like motorcycles…It’s nice, obviously, to go fast and be around the industry where…IndyCar racing to NASCAR to moto. Just being around it is fun, upbeat; it’s fast.

It’s always a good time no matter where we’re at. The public’s always really amped on it and it’s a good time.

Monmany: I like travelling, so it’s perfect for me because I travel anyway. The only thing demanding about it is being friendly, so that’s not even hard at all!

Me: Where all have you travelled? Is it just the US or overseas…?

Victoria: I’ve been all over the world. I would say my most favorite is Spain, I shot some commercials there. We were in the Canary Islands for about three days slash work trip, more vacation. But no, I love it. I love travelling. It’s nice even going around America and seeing some places you’ve never been to.

Last weekend I was in Little Rock – never been there. Turned out to be a pretty sweet little town. I love getting to see everywhere. I mean, we travel a lot for work, but I’m just like her [Monmany], I’m all for it.

Monmany: My favorite place is South Korea.

Me: Really?!

Monmany: Yes, for Kia Motors. That’s probably one of the best. That was my first time out of the country, so it was exciting.

Me: What are the best and worst parts of your job? Things like crazy early mornings, red-eye flights…

Victoria: I think every show is a lot of fun. You have different people from what city it’s in. It’s gonna be a different type of vibe of people, but I think they’re all a lot of fun. Sometimes you have to deal with people who woke up on the wrong side of the bed, but, we take it with a grain of salt, and, hopefully, by conversing with us, and kind of getting to meet us, maybe it’ll make their day a little better.

I think that’s the point of us: to kind of amp up the SSR Motorsports brand and get people to really understand the brand, and hopefully they leave here with a better understanding of what we’re about.

Monmany: I think the worst is having to look your best; having to be dolled up at 6-7 o’clock in the morning.

These girls were totally awesome to hang with and I hope we can all keep in touch! Here are photos of myself and the girls:

(Left is Monmany)                                                          (Right is Victoria)

Monmany and I Victoria and I

Total hotness! (I’m talking about them haha) Check out for more!

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