Bates Footwear introduces Riding Boots

Bates Footwear, a name all military and law enforcement are familiar with, decided to make the Bates PowerSports Line for motorcycle-mounted law enforcement officers.

The Bates PowerSports line uses only the latest and greatest technology to keep you safe and comfortable – you can even walk around in these all day in these boots and stay comfortable! They’ve got Poron XRD impact absorbing foam, which dissipates up to 90% of impact energy; XRD ankle protection; are waterproof and breathable; high-performance leather and nylon; molded TPU toe protectors; and reinforced stitching. Every top of the line quality technology you’ve come to expect from Bates! Oh, did I mention these boots are great for any kind of riding? Whether you race supersport, or ride a cruiser, these boots are extremely versatile.

The Bates PowerSports line of boots is so awesome, I about tried to buy a pair to wear as every day boots! I guess I should disclose I’ve been a Bates fan for over 15 years (I currently wear Rocky and they’re great too, but they’re no Bates). For the moment, these boots can only be ordered through

Let me tell you about the different styles and specs now.


  • Waterproof
  • High Abrasion Leather
  • Poron XRD Ankle Protection
  • Molded Heel Counter
  • TPU Toe Protection
  • Molle ankle strap to hold laces
  • Oil and slip resistant Rubber Outsole
  • Available in Black Leather


  • Waterproof
  • High Abrasion Leather
  • Poron XRD Ankle Protector
  • Molded Heel Counter
  • TPU Toe Protection
  • Molle Ankle Strap to hold laces
  • Hidden Lacing System
  • Oil and slip resistant Robber Outsole
  • Available in Black Nylon and Red/Black Nylon

*Writer’s Note: these were the ones I’d attempted to buy, haha, but in black


  • Waterproof
  • High Abrasion Leather
  • Molded Heel Counter
  • Internal Midsole
  • TPU Toe Protection
  • Oil and slip resistant Rubber Outsole
  • Colors Available: Black Leather/Nylon and Grey/Urban Camo


  • Waterproof
  • High Abrasion Leather
  • Molded Heel Counter
  • Internal Midsole
  • Hidden Lacing System – No Hardware
  • Oil and slip resistant Rubber Outsole
  • Colors: Black, Black/Red, and Grey/Black

I had the opportunity to interview the awesome Jamie Allen, Marketing Specialist II, from Bates. Check out the interview below!

Me: So, I’m interviewing Jamie, from Bates Footwear. They are officially launching their motorcycle boots today here at AIMExpo. Say hi!

Jamie: Hi!

Me: You say the boots have been available on your website since April-ish?

Jamie: It was about late-May that we announced this line and we kinda did a soft launch, available on exclusively and a few select retailers. So, this is kind of out big launch; our chance to show the media, as well as dealers, what we have to offer.

Me: Awesome! What is the average price range of the boots?

Jamie: Most run between $150 and $200. But our boots, you know, they have so much to offer. We have all sorts of different styles; we have boots that are more for speed riders or street riders. And what we really tout ourselves on was our boots are our boots are comfortable both on and off the bike, so, you don’t have to ride then change into boots when you get somewhere. You can wear them all day and be comfortable.

Me: I know you said that they’re not ASTM, no biggie, but it could be for some law enforcement. How many different varieties of, say, sport bike boots do you have versus cruiser boots?

Jamie: We kind of would like to say that anybody can wear any of these. We have four styles: the Adrenaline, the Marauder, the Taser, and the Beltline. And there’s different patterns on each of those.

That was kind of what we started with, and then we are hoping that this line kind of works, to eventually, down the road, have snowmobile boots, ATV boots, so we can really call it a power sports line, and we started with motorcycle.

Me: Do these offer side-zip? Though I don’t know how safe that is on a motorcycle…

Jamie: You know we’ve talked about, down the road…that’s something that we could look into. We kind of are aiming for people like you – that have been Bates fans their whole life, people that have worn Bates on the job, or on a military base, or are in law enforcement and know the strong heritage and the reliability of our products, and we’re hoping that they’ll continue the tradition.

Thanks again, Jamie, for the interview! You’re awesome and I hope we meet again in the future!

Lifestyle Photo 1 Lifestyle Photo 2

How do you feel about these Bates boots? Those Beltline in black just may, very soon, be mine!

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