Autonomous cars: who accepts accident liability?

Volvo Autonomous Car

There’s been much debate and discussion over who accepts the blame when an autonomous vehicle gets into an accident. These debates and discussions have been going on largely between automakers and insurance companies.

A decision, of sorts, has been made. Volvo has decided to be held liable in the event of an accident. To clarify, the vehicle must have been in autonomous mode when the accident occurred for Volvo to take that responsibility.

Volvo is eager to roll out their autonomous vehicles within the decade; they have a Drive Me project in Gothenburg on 2017, and if that’s successful, and regulations allow, IntelliSafe Auto Pilot will be introduced to the general public.

I’m curious about autonomous vehicles, but I also feel they may just be adding to the problem of drivers not paying attention, along with hacking concerns, how this will turn out. Will other autonomous makers follow suit?

How do you feel knowing we’ve finally made it to the beginning stages of self-driving cars?

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