Honda recalls 143,000 Civics and Fits

Honda Logo

Honda is recalling 143,000 2014-15 Civics and 2015 Fits. There are issues with the software and drive pulley shaft related to the continuously variable transmission, or CVT.

During certain CVT operation modes, the control software is programmed to use high hydraulic pressure, putting the drive pulley shaft under too much stress. Also, certain drive pulley shafts were made at the low end of the hardness specifications and can break after going under repeated high hydraulic pressure modes. If drive pulley shaft breakage occurs, the car can lose acceleration or the wheels can lock up, increasing risk of a crash.

Honda said they have no crashes or injuries reported as a result of this issue.

Honda will notify affected owners by Mid-October.

For more information go to or call (888) 234-2138.

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