Checker Cab is returning, but not as a cab

Checker Motor Cars Logo

Remember the old Checker Cab Company? No, they’re not re-opening, but Checker Motor Cars of Haverhill, Massachusetts, is bringing the Checker Cab style back.

Checker Motor Cars is owned by Adamson Industries, police and public safety vehicle outfitter. Adamson Industries Vice President Steve Contarino, is friends with the family of Checker’s founder, Morris Markin, and was able to secure the trademark to use the name on the new automobiles.

There will be two vehicles made: a 2-door El Camino style “sport pick-up” and a 12-passenger limo. Both vehicles will look like old Checker vehicles, complete with steel frames and body, as well as chrome bumpers, broad grilles, and those super cool headlights that come out further than the body.

The interior will be much more modern-looking, with LED lighting in the instrument panel and more current drivetrain. They will also have four-wheel disc brakes, with the possibility of all-wheel drive at an extra cost.

Checker Motor Cars will only produce somewhere between 100 and 500 (sorry, I found differing numbers, so I’m including the range) vehicles to sell for $50,000 and $70,000 each. The first prototypes are looking to be on the streets next year, with full production planned for 2018.

Checker Limo

Checker Sport Pick-up


How cool are these? Who’s going to get one when they’re available?


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